Why Online Gaming Is Truly Life Enhancing

Online Gaming Is Life Enhancing

Do you feel that playing online video games in Canada is a waste of time? Are you one of those individuals who hold the view that that Canadian online gaming can cause both mental and physical problems among gamers? Guest author Kevin Cochran takes a look at the online gaming market and shares with us why online gaming can be truly life-enhancing. To find out more about our guest expert, click here.

The online gaming industry in Canada which includes online gambling continues to grow exponentially because games around the world not only entertain themselves playing online video games but believe it enhances different aspects of their life.

The following are five major ways in which online gaming is truly life-enhancing:

You Can Stay Young and Fit

All of us continue to age with the passing of time and that is something we need to accept. While most of us would still like to retain some of our youthfulness in our later years. While physical exercises keep your body healthy and in good shape, playing video games keep your brain in excellent working condition.

A team of researchers from the University of Iowa conducted a study on the impact of Canadian online gaming and found that 10 hours of gaming can slow down the aging process by several years.

Any mental activity improves brain health and playing video games happens to be one such activity. This is one of the many benefits of online gambling in Canada.

You Can Make Friends

Making good friends and maintaining meaningful relationships has never been easy. But playing video games online can help you make good friends you can connect with.

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Your favourite video game is not a cell in which you play alone; instead, it is a vibrant social space in which people of different age groups, nationalities, cultures, and interests meet and interact.

Socializing in the context of a video game helps improve mental health, overcome addictions, and effectively deal with issues such as depression and anxiety.

You Can Make Money

Canadian players like to play both online video games and online casino games. Players who are interested to check out the benefits of online gaming can play casino games and enjoy new casino free spins by playing at a reputed and licensed online casino.

Players have won jackpots worth millions of dollars while playing games online. If you explore the game lobby of any online casino, you will find dozens of progressive jackpot games. Unlike fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots grow in size with every bet players place on the game. They often hit 7 figures and then some lucky player wins them.

You can always play the popular Mega Moolah jackpot from Microgaming or NetEnt’s Divine Fortune to get an idea of exactly what we are talking about.

Canadian players who are into action video games can also win cash prizes by playing first-person shooter games and fighting games against other players.

Children Learn Better

Video games do not harm your children’s grades, according to a team of UK researchers. On the contrary, playing some video games can make your children’s brains flexible, enhance their ability to learn, and improve their performance in school.

The researchers made 72 gamers play The Sims and Starcraft for 40 hours over six to eight weeks. They found that Starcraft players enjoyed better cognitive flexibility because the game requires continuous player input and thought. The Sims, being a slower game, did not deliver the same benefit.

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So based on this research, if your children play adrenaline-pumping video games that move at high speeds they can improve their mental prowess.

Playing Online Casino Games Can Improve Your Skills

As long as you play responsibly, you can enjoy several benefits of Canadian online casino games.

Playing poker games in Canada helps you to control your emotions, make decisions quickly, and take risks. When you play blackjack, you learn how to implement gaming strategies effectively to improve your odds of winning. Although slots are simple games of chance, they still teach you how to control your finances, accept your losses, and move on in life.

Avoid Playing Too Much

The benefits of online gaming are many but there are also certain negatives that we have to address. Too much of anything is bad for you, even if it is something that has many good benefits attached to it. If you end up spending too much time on online video games, you will expose yourself to certain disadvantages.

Here are a few dangers of online gaming:

  • Spending long hours on video games may make you an introvert, develop violent tendencies, and lose interest in life.

  • Neglecting hobbies, friends, and family for video games leads to poor performance at school and work.

  • Lack of physical activities leads to lethargy and weight gain.

  • Addiction to video games may dull your mental abilities, have a negative impact on your eyesight, and cause insomnia.

To get the most of your online gaming activities and to make video games truly life-enhancing, you have to avoid spending too much time on them.



Learn to find the right balance of playing, enjoying, and enhancing your life from online video games. Avoid spending excess time and exposing yourself to the negative aspects of video games.

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