Why Double Hung Windows Are Better Than Single Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows are better

Whether your window shopping for your home or commercial building, double-hung windows and single hung windows might look the same and they both seem like great window investments. However, there are several reasons why double-hung windows will always be better than single hung windows.

Double Hung Windows Are Easier To Clean And Maintain

If you do window cleaning as part of your businessbusiness or if you just love to keep your house looking sparkly clean, then one of the best reasons to choose double hung over single hung is because it’s easier to clean! Double-hung window sills are recessed so window cleaners can use an extendable window cleaning tool without having to worry about bumping into them and breaking them.

They also give window cleaners easy access to window panes and window tracks. With single hung windows, window cleaners don’t have as much wiggle room and often need a partner to hold the other side of the window cleaning tool to keep it from bumping into window sills.

Double Hung Windows Are Energy Efficient

They provide excellent insulation against heat and cold because the upper window acts as a protective shield against UV rays. The air space between the upper and lower window also helps reduce drafts during summer months when they are kept open. During winter, this same airspace makes double-hung windows efficient insulators that help keep warm air close to its source – your family!

Single Hung Windows Let In Too Much Heat

Single-hung windows feature a stationary lower window pane that can be raised but can’t be lowered. During the summer, the upper window is opened to allow air to circulate and cool your home or office building. Unfortunately, during hot months, this window is open also allows heat inside because there’s no window pane on the lower window to keep the heat out.

Double Hung Windows Are Safer Than Single Hung

One of the main reasons why people choose double-hung windows over single hung windows is that they are much safer during severe weather conditions, especially with windstorms and hurricanes where high winds are quite common. The lower window pane of a double-hung window is fixed in place so it will remain closed even if storm-force winds try to push it open or break its seal.

This seal helps prevent possible storms from entering your home or office building through window openings. If the window is broken, double-hung windows have a secondary window beneath them that will help protect against outside elements from entering your home or office building.

Single-hung windows don’t have this same type of protection against strong winds and heavy rain, which leaves them more vulnerable to storm damage.

Double Hung Windows Are Popular Because Of Their Unique Design

Double-hung windows are likely to become a more permanent fixture in homes because they work beautifully with older historic architecture – both new construction and newly-remodelled historical homes – as well as newer modern houses and buildings that mimic the look of old-world Europe or Colonial America. They also suit any individual’s personal style whether you’re into classic décor or you’re a fan of modern.

They are extremely versatile window panes that come in a wide variety of windowpane styles, window sash design features and window frame designs.

Single Hung Windows Aren’t As Energy Efficient

Single-hung windows let heat out on hot summer days but they don’t provide the insulation needed on winter days. They’re also not as good with windstorms because single hung windows can be pushed open more easily by strong winds.

Double Hung Windows Are Sturdy And Durable

The same cannot be said for single hung windows since their lower window pane is stationary which means it can’t remain tightly sealed or keep drafts out during stormy weather conditions. During storm season, double-hung windows perform better than single hung windows.

Double Hung Window Frames Are Easy To Maintain

One of the main reasons why window cleaners love double-hung window panes is because they have a large windowpane that’s easy to clean even with window tint installed. Cleaning is made even easier with stationary lower window panes that don’t move up and down as single hung window panes do.

The extra-wide light that double-hung windows provide also makes them perfect for older homes or office buildings that might need replacement windows due to broken seals or faded paint on window frames. With their unique appearance, durability and ease of cleaning – window cleaners can easily make double-hung window replacement – either new construction or removals – part of their business plan.

Double Hung Windows Also Make Easy DIY Projects

Double-hung window replacement doesn’t have to be expensive especially if you’re planning on having the window panes professionally cleaned. However, it can be a simple do-it-yourself window pane replacement project that’s fun and easy to do. Old double-hung window panes are also easily removed so they can be replaced with updated ones without the cost of new window frames which makes them perfect for people who want updated windows but don’t want to spend a lot of money on construction costs.


Double-hung window replacement is an excellent way to update older windowpanes while also adding value to your home or office building. Because they are so easy to maintain and lift with ease, window cleaners can easily add double hung window replacement as part of their window cleaning and window tinting business plans. Finally, because they come in a variety of window pane styles, window sash design features and window frame designs, double-hung windows are perfect for both new construction upgrades or window replacements on remodelled buildings.