What’s the Best Music to Study To If You Struggle With Keeping Focused?


How many times have you heard that it’s better to study in silence? That works for most people, for sure. Yet, many people feel overwhelmed with silence, and the lack of any background music isn’t doing them a favor. Then you should look for the best option for your case.

Everything depends on your culture, study routines, and other aspects that will be major factors in looking for the ultimate study playlist. It also depends on the type of task you are performing. Some research paper writing service by EssayPro and their writers can attest that music is essential to boost your creativity and focus on the assignment. Whatever you choose, it should leave you stimulated.

Many researchers can back up the idea that sometimes music can significantly help you concentrate on your task. If you are fully focused and avoid distractions, you can achieve more without putting extra effort into it. Here are some recommendations that might be a game-changer for you for the upcoming semester.

Classical Music

Classical music is the number one safe choice for people who love studying music. The benefits of classical music are backed by numerous research papers. Various studies prove that this genre enhances your ability to concentrate better and reduce stress. They also show that it helps stimulate your brain and improve your memory.

You can easily find dozens of playlistsplaylists with the best classical selections. The classical genre is versatile in itself, ranging from quick-tempo Vivaldi works to more relaxing Chopin and Beethoven. Choose the composer that resonates with you and discover the benefits of it for your studies. It is also recommended to listen to classical music during your breaks and before sleep.


Techno may be the less orthodox soundtrack to concentrate on your studies. However, its upbeat rhythm and versatility can stimulate you and boost your mood. Many people argue that classical music can make them sleepy, which is a different story in the case of techno. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and help you focus on your tasks.

The best recommendation for techno would be Boiler Room, an online music broadcasting platform that gathers hundreds of talented DJs to perform unique sets. You can easily find these playlists on major streaming platforms and choose your favorite DJ to put on the background. Arguably, it has one of the finest playlists of techno, unique and authentic because they are played exclusively for the event. On the other hand, you can put on your favorite techno DJ and enjoy your study session at any moment.


Movies OST

Many people love movies because of their spectacle, casting, and plot. It is significant to underline that movies are recognized for their original soundtracks and music score. If you watched Black Panther, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, or any other film released in the past twenty years, you would remember the music immediately. Many movies are loved specifically for their score (and it’s the reason why these movies were popular).

It is a perfect choice to study with your favorite score playing in the background. It will boost your productivity, improve your mood, and help you to concentrate on important tasks. It is also a perfect choice to deal with your daily chores and gym exercises.

Video Games OST

Video game soundtracks can be just as uplifting as movie scores. Even if you are not a gamer or someone who likes video games in the first place, you should check out some of the best video games’ original soundtracks. Maybe the OST will convince you to give it a try and play a title or two, depending on the genre that will resonate with you. Here are some game titles with epic soundtracks:

  • The legend of Zelda.
  • Elden Rings.
  • Doom.
  • Undertale.
  • The Witcher.
  • Hotline Miami.

Jazz Music

Jazz music is one of the most creative and innovative genres out there. Jazz musicians improvise and create unique rhythms and melodies that help your brain focus and relax. Jazz also helps reduce stress and anxiety and improve your memory skills. You can easily find good playlists or choose an artist like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, or more modern bands.

It is easy to fall in love with jazz because it has no limits or restrictions. You can look for experimental trios or bands that mix electronic music with jazz or stick to the classics. Whatever you select, you will quickly find all of your assignments arranged and turned in on time.

Foreign Music

A song with lyrics can’t distract you if you don’t speak the language. Many specialists advise listening to music without lyrics to avoid being distracted, but it doesn’t apply to songs you love in foreign languages. New music from across the globe also stimulates your brain and challenges you. If you are used to one style of music, you should go beyond and listen to all types, genres, and styles from countries far from your own.

You can also take it as an opportunity to learn more languages in the future. Music is the perfect way to remember specific words and constructions and memorize new information better. It can also help with the pronunciation of some complex words.

Nature Sounds

Nature sounds can be a perfect remedy for insomnia and anxiety. Many research prove that it reduces stress, improves mood, and helps you focus on your tasks. You can find different nature playlists, from ocean sounds to rainy days. If this type of playlist isn’t working for you during your studies, you should still try it for meditation and mindfulness to calm your mind.

Give nature sounds a try whenever you feel overwhelmed and don’t want to listen to music at all. It will help you to keep yourself grounded and present in the moment.

The bottom line

Music has a lot of benefits for your mental health. You can use it to improve focus, boost your productivity, and stay at the peak of your academic performance. No formula works for everyone, so you have to try different music when studying. Start experimenting with your playlists and figure out what works for you.