What is Post Cycle Therapy for?

Cycle Therapy

Post-cycle therapy is a period in which an athlete takes complexes of medicines and sports supplements to restore the body. It is necessary after using several anabolic steroids and drugs with a similar effect. Post-cycle therapy is indicated for athletes in all cases, but especially when taking hormones in high doses and / or for a long time, as well as when combining two or more pharmacological agents.

PCT after steroid`s course is necessary to correct the hormonal background, which is upset against the background of their entry into the athlete’s body. Perhaps the appearance of negative consequences from the genitourinary system, gastrointestinal tract. Sports medicine specialists attribute this to excessive progestogenic activity, which disrupts the biosynthesis of luteinizing hormone.

The use of the course allows you to restore the hormonal arc (hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal glands), normalize the liver. The fact that the course therapy was carried out competently, professionally, is evidenced by the results of blood tests. The main indicator is the optimal level of testosterone.

The effect of PCT

PCT is a special type of therapy during which the natural production of one’s own testosterone is restored. At the same time, the use of funds is practiced improving the functions of internal organs and systems that have been disturbed after heavy courses of anabolic steroids. Thus, taking post-cycle therapy drugs is aimed at solving the following problems:

  • elimination of hormonal imbalance without loss of gained muscle mass.
  • prevention of development in men of secondary female sexual characteristics.
  • prevention of dysfunctions of the organs of the male reproductive system.

Professional athletes understand how important a thorough preliminary examination is before a course of anabolic therapy for muscle growth. A blood test for hormone levels is required. After completing the steroids, the study is repeated, followed by a comparison of the results. It becomes clear what means and in what quantities should be taken to restore hormonal levels. This allows athletes to eliminate all side effects in a fairly short time while maintaining the accumulated muscle mass. Those, it is worth to buy post cycle therapy drugs from our online steroid store.

What drugs are used for PCT?

The use of drugs with artificial hormones causes a serious imbalance. The main own hormones, including testosterone, cease to be produced in the proper amount. This means that the regulation of the course of the most important biochemical processes is upset. The use of such pharmaceuticals helps to establish production:

  • antiestrogen blocking estrogen receptors – Clomid, Tamoxifen.
  • chorionic gonadotropin, which prevents atrophy of the male gonads after a heavy course of anabolic steroids.
  • Cabergoline, which normalizes the level of prolactin.

To neutralize the negative health consequences of taking complexes for muscle growth, a course of PCT can be carried out with the following drugs:

  • cortisol blockers that suppress catabolic processes.
  • testosterone boosters to produce the main male sex hormone.
  • complexes with polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 to improve the lipid profile.
  • growth hormones that prevent the loss of accumulated muscle mass.
  • peptides that are used for general health improvement of the body.
  • hepatoprotectors that stimulate the recovery of liver cells.

It makes sense to use a course of other PCT preparations if certain disorders are detected. For example, cardiotonic to maintain the work of the heart muscle. Or gastroprotectors in case of unwanted side effects from the stomach. There are two types of PCT:

  • classical with the use of testosterone, hepatoprotectors and antiestrogens with sufficiently large intervals between course intakes of anabolic steroids.
  • like a “bridge” with short breaks between steroids.

In any case, the course should be carried out in accordance with the dosing regimen of the drugs used.

Ways to use basic PCT cycle.

Today, there are effective ways to use PCT. Athletes should be aware that some drugs used for rehabilitation therapy should be taken directly on the course of AAS, and others after steroid withdrawal. Only in this case you will be able to conduct an effective and safe anabolic cycle.

Thus, the PCT regimen depends on the specific drugs you plan to use. So, the most popular aromatase inhibitors are Anastrozole and Proviron. The first remedy is used in strong courses involving aromatizing AAS, and Mesterolone has shown itself well in the lungs. A single dosage of Anastrozole is 0.5 mg, and tablets must be taken after 1 or 2 days. Proviron is used daily in an amount of 50 mg.

Many athletes conduct powerful anabolic courses, the duration of which can exceed three months. In such a situation, they cannot do without Gonadotropin. This medicine is used in short cycles lasting 3 weeks. The gonad should be put every third day, 500-1000 units. Beginning athletes need to understand well the features of the PCT. This has a lot to do with their health. If you have any questions about taking pharmacology, then contact the managers of our online store for answers.

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