What Is Auto Transport?

Car shipping, also referred to as auto transport, is a service that helps you transport your vehicle from one location to another. You can ship it using either an independent broker or commercial carrier.

A reliable car shipping company should offer competitive prices and secure delivery of your vehicle. However, you need to exercise caution when selecting a company to transport your automobile.


The cost of auto transport varies based on several factors, including the distance being shipped, the type of vehicle you own and which carrier you select. On average, shipping a car can range anywhere from 53 cents per mile up to more than $2.30 per mile, depending on factors like distance and other costs incurred during transit.

You have the option of directly negotiating with a transport companyHire the Right Digital Marketing Company With the Following Tips about discounts or other incentives they may offer. Generally speaking, those known for offering reliable and high-quality service tend to be the best car transport companies.

The size and weight of your vehicle will influence how much it costs to ship. A small sedan in good condition may only cost $0.60 per mile to ship, while a luxury vehicle could incur charges exceeding $1 per mile.

Furthermore, your choice of pickup and drop-off locations will influence the cost. Generally, shipping to urban areas is more cost effective than rural ones.

Your choice of car carrier type can affect cost, with open carriers being cheaper than enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers are ideal for owners of luxury or classic cars that need protection from road debris and inclement weather conditions. You can visit this helpful site for more information about the different kinds of carriers.

When planning your shipment, take into account the time of year since January and summer months tend to be more costly due to increased demand. Furthermore, making a reservation early gives you more time for competitive bids.


Auto transport companies provide a range of services to make car shipping as convenient as possible. These may include pick-up and delivery at your residence or office, as well as shipping your car inside an enclosed carrier to protect it from weather damage.

Convenience is one of the primary benefits of auto transport. Not only does it save you time and money, but also stress – which can be especially helpful when you have a hectic schedule or are managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Door-to-door shipping allows customers to select the day and time that their car will be delivered. Many car transport companies provide this option, making it ideal for those with flexible schedules who wish to decide when their vehicle will reach its destination.

Door-to-door transport is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience, as it eliminates the need to drive long distances and deal with traffic. Furthermore, you save money on terminal fees associated with terminal-to-terminal shipping.


When moving across the country or transporting your car from one state to another, safety should always be a top priority. Fortunately, the auto transport industry is one of the safest around.

Auto transport companies and their drivers must adhere to a number of safety protocols established by federal, state, and local agencies. These rules serve to keep US highways and roadways safe. You can click the link: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-your-move/resources/consumer-advisory-automobile-transporters for more information about these safety regulations.

For instance, truck drivers in the U.S. are limited to driving 500 miles a day and must take breaks after certain amounts of time has elapsed. This helps reduce driver fatigue and enhance highway and roadway safety.

Additionally, most vehicles are secured on trailers and ships using tie-down ratchets or wheel straps. However, some cars may need more specialized equipment for safe transport; SUVs and other large vehicles typically need thicker wheel straps with bigger ratchets.

Classic or vintage vehicles require special precautions when being transported. Some of these cars are delicate and could break easily if not securely fastened down during transit. When it comes to security, the best course of action is selecting a dependable auto transport company that meets all of your requirements. Read customer reviews, confirm their registration with the FMCSA, and review their insurance policy before agreeing to work with them.

Make sure to communicate regularly with your car transporter. Doing so keeps them informed of the condition of your vehicle and allows them to make necessary adjustments so it arrives in top condition for its journey.

Finally, be sure to closely adhere to the transporter’s instructions regarding taking apart and securing any removable parts of your car. For instance, if it has a DVD player or any other personal items that you don’t want left behind, make sure they are removed before transporting.

Finding an auto transport company that meets your needs can be daunting, but it can be done. Check their ratings on websites such as Google, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau to guarantee they are trustworthy. Furthermore, be sure to read through the contract thoroughly before agreeing to anything.