Top Apps for a Temporary Burner Phone Number

Burner Phone Number

Burner phones are not your regular piece of tech that is advertised the traditional way in the digital marketplace. Nor are burner phone apps, but both are useful, especially when you aim to search for options that are highly elevated. Although, most users may have heard the term burner phone via the movie industry. Nevertheless, this reality exists and is often needed by the average user.

Top reasons why people are using a burner app

Although digital privacy and online safety are the top reasons, there are other reasons for using a burner phone, such as online dating. Although online dating has become quite popular and has been a game-changer in the industry, it still makes many people vulnerable. Especially women, who do take kind of risk, when they meet potential partners for a relationship. That’s where a burner phone or even a burner app is useful as it provides extra privacy to women, who are interested in dating but not interested in dealing with spam calls. Or they have just gotten out of an abusive relationship and to keep themselves safe, need a burner app.

Burner apps are also useful when users are purchasing and selling items on e-commerce websites and require a temporary second number to deal with customers and for business in general. Another scenario when a burner app may be useful is when you are searching for jobs and may expect numerous calls. Users looking for a second number but do not want to change their primary one will find a burner app quite useful.

Top apps for a temporary burner phone number

Below listed are highly demanded burner phone apps, that are worth a shot!

Option#1- Sideline

If you are looking for a simpler option to masks all your phone calls and text messages, then Sideline is a great mobile app. The best part is that the app is free. However, users will have to pay minimal fees, if they want to use the premium version. Users have the option of masking their international calls along with setting up multiple team accounts, which they can purchase, simply via the premium subscription.

Even though users may often find in-app ads quite annoying but these ads support the basic version of Sideline. Nonetheless, users can remove these ads, simply by opting to pay a nominal subscription fee of $3/month. This burner phone app supports indefinite text messages with porting numbers from other devices. Users have the option to select their mobile carrier and even internet service/Wi-Fi for making calls, making this one of the top fake phone number apps on the list. Industry insiders suggest that users must always use a fast and reliable service such as Wave Internet when using burner apps as a speedy connection will produce results that are far more effective!

Option #2- CoverMe

The increase in cybercrime has spooked many users, who are now taking strong actions to prevent such misconduct. This means separating their devices and connections to prevent optimum risks on numerous endeavors to avoid harm and any kind of loss. That’s where a temporary burner phone app such as CoverMe comes in handy. With strong stress on privacy, the app hides the user’s contact number while allowing them to make ‘military-caliber highly encrypted phone calls.’ The app also stores sensitive and confidential documents in its private safe. However, there’s a downside to the app as well.

Only those users who have CoverMe installed can utilize the various features offered by the app. This means that if both the sender and the receiver do not have the app, the various protective features may not work. So if a user wants to protect and store private information or make private calls, that cannot be done, since the user on the other end does not have the app installed in their smartphone. The app is free to download and still offers that extra layer of digital protection to interested users while offering numbers from the USA, UK, Canada, China, and even Mexico. The app is free to download and will have to pay a minor fee if they want to upgrade the basic plan to premium.

Option#3- Line2

Users who are looking for a temporary burner phone number for their business will find Line2 to be a fantastic app. Its specially designed for those users, who are looking to keep their personal and business contact numbers separate can use this mobile app. Since the app is more inclined towards business, it offers a second contact number to users on their present smartphone, along with a host of other features, which include conference calls, toll-free numbers, to name a few. Users looking to get a permanent phone number will find this app quite useful.

The good part is that Line2 has a web equivalent as well, so users can use the app from their desktop or MAC. This is great for a growing business that wants to add a permanent second contact number and requires multiple phone lines for the various domains present. The app is not free and offers a 7-day trial, after which users can either subscribe to the app or simply ignore it. This can be used on both IOS and Android.


For whatever reason, a user may require a burner app, the above-mentioned ones are quite popular in the market and are known for their highly effective results. To download these apps, you need a good internet connection that you can find on BuyTVInternetPhone. So, go on and get your internet plan and burner phone number!