Top 10 Coolest Solar Powered Gadgets in 2022

Did you know solar farms in the USA produce seven times more power today than they did seven years ago? Skeptics of the technology may denigrate solar power as an unreliable energy source, but this technology is getting better the more we use it. Whats certain is that the ability to passively generate power from the sun, kind of like Superman, is really cool!

Maybe youre not sold on making your whole house reliant on solar yet, thats okay. Start experimenting with one of these 10 solar powered gadgets. Read more to find out which one works for you.

1. Solar Oven

GoSun has a hybrid solar-electric oven that can cook and bake whatever you need. This solar grill runs on solar power during the day (even on most cloudy days) and only switches to drawing power from your home at night.

2. Solar Bike

Cake Kalk has designed a dirtbike that can tackle tough terrain and run for up to 3 hours on solar power. These bikes can reach just over 55 mph and are made with sustainable materials. When its empty, you simply plug it into its portable solar station-now you have time to catch a tan.

3. Solar Water Purifier

If youre out adventuring on your solar bike, then GoSuns Flow solar water purifier might be useful to have in your kit. You simply fill up the little tank, put the lid on, and the device purifies the water of virtually all pathogens and viruses.

4. Solar Patio Umbrellas

By day they shade you from the sun, and by night they give its light back to you. Purple Leafs solar umbrellas allow you to keep enjoying the party on the porch long after the sun has gone down.

5. Solar Refrigeration

A refrigerator accounts for 7% of the average US homes electricity use. Getting the ACOPOWER LionCooler can help save you that extra cash. These coolers have batteries that can be charged by portable solar panels or by your car!

6. Solar Gardening

The Tertill Weeding Robot can automatically weed your garden for you. This solar-powered assistant can differentiate flowers from weeds and will remove invaders from your garden while leaving plants intact.

7. Solar Security

Having cameras to monitor your home gives you peace of mind, but they only work as long as theyre powered. Blink offers outdoor cameras with built-in solar panels and batteries to circumvent this issue (and costs).

8. Solar Backpack

Solar backpacks can charge your electronics as long as youre out in the sun. These are perfect for on-the-go professionals and campers.

9. Solar Package Defender

A Porch Pod is a solar-powered device that keeps deliveries safe. It can scan delivery information after which the delivery driver can put the package in the pod. When you get home, you can open the pod using one of its verification systems.

10. Solar Panels

Solar panels save enough money in electric bills that they pay for themselves between five and ten years after their installation. If youve bought your home, these reliable systems are must-haves (and increasingly so with inflation). Get a quote from your local solar company to find out more.

Get Yourself Some Solar Powered Gadgets Today

As solar power becomes more reliable, the market for solar powered gadgets gets bigger and bigger. Solar energy can run devices for any consumers needs. If you like high-tech solutions, get yourself one of these solar powered products today.

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