Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Movie night

Ultimate Movie night

Any die hard movie buff knows that the magic of the cinema lies in immersing yourself in faraway worlds and fantastic stories. Why not share the magic with your friends by throwing the most over the top movie night you could possibly imagine? Sure, any plain old movie night will be a hit with your friends, but here are some tips to go the extra mile for an unforgettable Ultimate Movie night of fun.

Curate your Guest List

Take your time to decide what kind of night this is going to be. Do you want to invite all your friends for a rowdy night of fun, or is the movie night of your dreams for serious cinephiles only? Are you going to invite that one friend that loves to chat during movies or the one that can’t help but spoil the endings?

Be sure to keep your maximum capacity in mind, as having too many moviegoers crammed into your living room might put a damper on your festivities.

Pick your Flick

Okay, so this step is a little obvious, but as the main feature of your night, you have to choose a movie that all your guests will appreciate.

Take a moment to consider the tastes of your guests. Is your movie age appropriate for all your guests? Do any of your friends have topics or genres they really dislike? If that is the case, then that friend would probably appreciate you taking the time to be sure they are included. A perfectly picked feature film can make or break your movie night.

If you are stumped, here are a few of my favorites:

  • For a girls night in, Austenland is the perfect lighthearted romantic comedy for your gal pals.
  • For a romantic movie night, Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn lends that perfect silver screen magic to your date.
  • Hear me out, but for your very best friends, watching a nature documentary like Disney’s Oceans can work well if you can’t keep track of the plot while you constantly pause to crack jokes with your friends.
  • If you have a whole family over and need a movie that will appease all ages, Spirited Away is a classic that everyone is sure to love.


Get the word out by advertising your Ultimate Movie night with a flyer. You can easily make one from a movie night template, or if you want to create a unique poster from scratch, services like PosterMyWall feature intuitive graphic design tools for beginners. You can even post the flyer on social media to attract even more party guests.

Your setup

All you need for a movie night is a projector, a surface to project on, speakers, and a laptop or DVD player. If you are not one of the lucky ones with a big screen at home, you can easily rent one from your local audio visual equipment store. Try practicing setting up your equipment before the party starts to avoid technical difficulties delaying your ultimate movie night.


One way to instantly elevate your moviegoing experience is to pick an unconventional viewing setup that fits with your movie if you can manage it. If you are watching a spooky cabin in the woods horror flick, why not set up a projector outside? Nostalgic Disney movies are best enjoyed under a pillow fort while summer beach movies can be enjoyed poolside.

Once you decide on the perfect screening spot, deck it out with some movie night decorations to create the perfect theater atmosphere.

Get Cozy

Help your guests get cuddly by keeping a ready supply of extra blankets and pillows. You will all be sitting in place for a few hours, so comfort is paramount. To go the extra mile, hang some string lights and hand out some warm drinks before the movie starts.

Dress the part

If the movie you are screening is particularly well known, tell your guests to come in costume as a character from your featured film. This is definitely an over the top step, but your guests will love the opportunity to dress up and be silly. Imagine all your friends coming to your door dressed as their favorite superhero or hobbit from the Shire.

If enough people participate, you can even hold a costume contest and have your friends compete for the best dressed party guest.


While you can’t go wrong with freshly popped popcorn, you can go the extra mile by preparing themed foods that go with your movie. For your period drama, go for tea and sandwiches. If you are watching Harry Potter, you better break out the butterbeer and chocolate frogs.

For inspiration, plenty of cooking channels on youtube like the Babish Culinary Universe, Feast of Fiction, and Cocktail Chemistry recreate food and drinks featured in popular movies. Themed snacks will be sure to impress your friends and let everyone know that this is no ordinary movie night.

Post movie games

If you still have time after your movie, try planning some games. Movie trivia is always a hit among cinephiles, or you can always go for movie themed board games as well to bring you night to a close.


Movie nights are an easy way to bring all your friends together but if you are a true lover of film, pull out all the stops and host a movie night your friends will remember complete with posters, themed snacks, and a costume contest to fill your night with movie magic.