Skills Tech Companies Are Looking For

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Tech companies are beginning to acknowledge the fact that digital skills are essential in existing and potential employees for growth as well as success in the times to come. Besides these, there are a host of other competencies that businesses are looking for too.

The modern job market is extremely competitive. So much so that for some organizations, educational degrees are less of a priority as compared to other core skills and experience. Communication, teamwork, as well as a host of other soft and hard skills are growing in preference as organizations look to build workforces that are primed to succeed in the transforming landscape these days.

Here are some of the skills that tech companies, in particular, are actively looking for in their employees:

This one had to be on the top of the list since the expanding digital ecosystem is making it necessary for businesses to have some type of presence on the internet. Additionally, more and more companies are relying on sophisticated tools and resources to automate most of the redundant tasks that are part of the everyday routine.

And since coding lies at the core of every digital service and tech product, companies are actively hiring professionals with these skills. If you are a programming expert wondering how to get a coding job, you can easily find thousands of them on networking platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Tech companies constantly require professionals with knowledge of programming languages and cybersecurity.

Coding languages and respective experience in effectively using them are skills that are highly sought after these days. MySQL, Bootstrap, PHP/JavaScript, jQuery, Code Igniter, and Angular are just some of the languages companies are demanding competency in. Moreover, since coding skills are essential for emerging technologies like AI, virtual and augmented reality too, the prospects in the field are astonishing.

  • Data visualization and digital design

A user interface is a feature that all websites, mobile apps, and digital services share. Most tech companies are looking for professionals who hold any design experience in developing dynamic, successful user experiences. Since the user interface is the customer’s first interaction with any digital platform, it is deemed the element that can make or break a lead, which makes it extremely important for brands to get it right.

Besides improving the user interface, designers can also use complex data to create visualizations that aid management in critical business strategy formulation. Data visualization is the name given to this skill, which again has risen in demand, especially in recent years. Management executives can utilize data visualization to learn important lessons from the data. Designers examine and visualize data using programs like Power BI and Tableau.

  • Digital business analytics

Using a variety of tried-and-tested analysis approaches to create a compelling case for businesses to invest in digital solutions, business analytic tools assist organizations in making the best decisions. Digital business analysis abilities have emerged as the top skills to have on your resume in the twenty-first century because they are essential to all organizations in the digital economy.

Projects involving digital transformation are driven by digital business analysts. They assist businesses in creating an online infrastructure comprising the latest tools and technologies that will fuel digital evolution and industry expansion for them in the times to come. Since these skills utilize data, they are naturally in high demand right now.

  • Online marketing and digital advertising

The French literary icon Milan Kundera once famously said that every business has two functions: innovation and marketing. Everything else a business does may be important, but the core growth and success boil down to these two. Given that modern markets are extremely competitive, out-of-the-box marketing strategies are what set businesses apart, and since most customer journeys these days begin with an online search, experts in digital marketing are highly sought after.

Companies are looking for professionals with expertise in digital marketing and data analysis tools, social media advertising, content marketing, SEO, and UX (User experience design). Together, these elements make a person an all-around expert in making the most of digital resources and the time that people spend on them daily. Digital marketing skills are expected to remain a high-paying field for several years.

  • Digital product and project management

While management of projects is by no means only valuable to tech organizations, it is an essential component of quickly and affordably building digital products and services. Your CV will stand out if it demonstrates comprehension of various methods, including AGILE and SCRUM. Digital project managers must have a comprehensive awareness of the digital project development process, from concept to fully realized product or service.

Digital product management is a different talent not specific to developing software, but is nonetheless extremely valuable. In particular, software requires the implementation of a lifecycle management strategy. Product management will become even more crucial to the tech industry as SaaS (Software as a Service) continues to expand. Naturally, these are two other skills that tech companies prefer when hiring relevant employees.

  • Social media management

Well, how can you even think this wouldn’t be on the list? When social media platforms like Facebook were first introduced to the public, they were considered simple mediums of communication and interaction. However, their scope has expanded considerably over time. Today, people have established and are running successful enterprises with nothing but a social media presence.

Social media has become an extensive field that even the largest brands can’t ignore. The result has been renewed interest in professionals who understand how to leverage various aspects of this space. Social media is also the source for much of the data that tech companies have access to these days which adds to their importance for them.

Since social media offers tech companies access to thought leaders, customers, various stakeholders, and evangelists or influencers, it holds significant value for them. However, given that effectively utilizing these platforms is a science, relevant skills in professionals are something that companies are actively seeking.


Tech is undoubtedly one of the most prospective and promising fields out there. Amongst many other things, the industry offers some of the highest employment rates. Nonetheless, there are specific skill sets that these companies are looking for in future employees. Tech companies are focusing on key competencies in leveraging the power to digital resources and maximizing the efficiency of digital transformation projects, and the relevant skills that assist in the objectives are shooting up in demand.