What is the fastest way to reword an essay in English literature for free?

reword an essay in English

Rewording essays or paraphrasing them can take up a lot of time and effort. If you want to reword an essay in English the fastest way, it is preferred to use an online paraphrasing tool for it. In this article we will elicit how it is the best.

Rewording the essays can be used to remove the plagiarism in your essay or to completely copy from someone else. Whatever the reason is, it can involve a lot of labor and time if done manually.

A single 1000 words essay can take you hours to try to find the synonyms of every word and rephrasing the lines. On the other hand, an online paraphrasing tool can do this task for you within a few seconds.

Manual rewording facilities online:

There are multiple options available online to get your essays reworded even by some online writers. They will give you a timeframe and charge you an amount depending upon the wordcount and other variables.

Their work is always a risk and even though some people do go for this option, there is still a chance of human error in their work. Most of them are also using the online paraphrasing tools to do this work.

Are online paraphrasing tools better than manual labor?

In a word, yes. They are better in every way than the manual labor as they don’t cost you anything, give you instant results and are easy to use.

You don’t have to get involved with any kind of agreement with your rewriter and can just copy and paste the text to paraphrase it. With a click of button, you will receive your results on your screen right away.

But a paraphrasing tool is not good automatically. You need to look for different qualities given below in a paraphrasing tool before you start relying on it for your grades.

  • Plagiarism free content
  • Natural content creation
  • Grammar check
  • Different ways of uploading content
  • OCR friendly
  • Paraphrase long essays for free

Plagiarism free content:

The main aim of using a paraphrasing tool is to achieve a 100% plagiarism free content. When you are picking the ideal paraphrasing tool for yourself, you need to find one which also guarantees 100% plagiarism free content in the end.

Checking plagiarism manually over and over and trying to rewrite the content can be a headache and can take up on a lot of time. To save time, efforts and energy, find a tool which checks plagiarism as well.

There are multiple online tools online like PREPOSTSEO, Paraphrasing-tool and many others which not only paraphrase the content for you, but also compare the text with all online sources and make it plagiarism free.

Natural content creation:

While you are trying to get the content rewritten, you still need to stick with the essentials of creating natural content. When you submit your essay online or to your instructors, a non-sensical essay is going to ruin your reputation and your grades.

A lot of tools just use synonyms instead of translating the whole content or paraphrasing it. It completely changes the meaning of the essay and ruins the quality of it.

Look for a paraphrasing tool which will give you a more natural feel when anyone reads it and it doesn’t seem like just some words forced together.

Grammar check:

Grammar check is essential and until the sentences produced not grammatically correct, they will not make sense. A single missing comma can make a lot of difference in an essay and change the whole meaning.

A paraphrasing tool with a grammar check in it is the ideal for every essay to be paraphrased. Try reading it out once yourself before you submit it to double check if it is making sense.

It is better to be on the safe side than regretting turning in something nonsense in. After checking one or two essays, you can rely on your paraphrasing tool to provide you the ideal content.

Different ways of uploading:

Whether you have a word file, an online URL where you want to copy the text from or a pdf file of someone else’s essay, you need to find a tool which can work with all of them.

A lot of people stick with the same kind of uploading ways. Creating a word file for the online content or copy pasting everything in the search box can take up a lot of time.

The most important reason why these tools are used is that they are free, save time, efforts and energy. The ideal tool will give you an option to upload your files in all these forms, so you don’t have to worry about it.

OCR friendly:

Optical character recognition makes it easy for you to upload an image and retrieve all the text from it instead of having to type it out. A tool which is OCR friendly will not cause any problems with the pdf files.

A lot of pdf files contain images instead of some plain text and uploading them will just give you an error message. A paraphrasing tool which is OCR friendly will automatically convert the images into text.

There are multiple tools out there like that but make sure you check the OCR quality of the tool first. There are chances it might not be as good as they promised in their descriptions.

Paraphrasing long essays for free:

This is a combination of two main points. The tool that you are working with should be free and if it’s not completely free, it should at least allow a long essay to be paraphrased easily.

Your essays don’t always have a word count of 1k words and it can increase to as long as 50,000 words or more. Processing an essay this long might not be enabled by all the tools but make sure they have a capacity of at least 3,000 words.

It will save you time when your long essays are due the next day and you already have a tool to do the work for you.