PUBG GFX Tool Apk For Android

PUBG has become one of the most played games in the world. People of all ages are playing it all over the world. They play it on different devices. But because of the very high quality of graphics, not all players can play it smoothly. Players who don’t have high configuration devices can face visual errors and lags. But to fix this problem, the publisher introduces PUBG GFX Tool Apk, with which players can customize the settings of the game according to their requirements.

Not only this, but you can also increase the graphics and image quality. You can adjust graphics, FPS, resolution, shadows and much more. So, read the article and learn what you can do with PUBG GFX Tool Apk.


PUBG is one of the most played games all over the world. It has a huge fan base. Most of the people are involved in this game. You can easily find so many PBG players around you.

This is because of its attractive gameplay, where you can play with 99 players from different places in the world. The game is all about surviving in the battleground of a total of 100 players. Every player has to collect resources, kill other players and make himself safe to become the last surviving player.

PUBG has realistic graphics and amazing sound quality. But because of very high-quality graphics, the game requires a mobile device with high configurations.

Otherwise, a player will not be able to play the game smoothly, he can face visual errors and FPS drop. But to fix this problem for users, publishers introduced the PUBG GFX Tool, with which users can fix the visual errors, minimize the lag issues, stabilize the frame and other settings of the game. You can even unlock the HDR graphics option and then enjoy your game with excellent graphic quality.

In short, you can adjust the FPS limit, Graphic settings, Resolution of your PUBG game. Some additional settings include adjustment of shadows, MSAA, texture quality, etc. You can use PUBG GFX Tool Apk, and you can use a memory boost option and lower the graphics of your game to play your PUBG Game with any lag or visual error. You can read the complete description of the PUBG GFX tool features in the next section of the article.

Features of PUBG GFX Tool Apk

There are so many incredible features that PUBG GFX Tool provides you. It allows you to customize the different settings of your PUBG game with few touches. You can adjust graphics, Frame rate, Resolution, Style, etc. You can also enable the MSAA feature and HDR graphics option to get the best experience with the graphics of the game.

There are a lot more features that you can enjoy with the PUBG GFX Tool Apk. Here we have listed some of the amazing features of PUBG GFX + Tool Apk. Read them carefully.


  • PUBG GFX Tool helps you to enable or disable the shadows in the game.
  • You are allowed to set the FPS to different levels, Default, High, Ultra and Extreme.
  • Users are allowed to customize graphic settings according to your requirements. Besides, High Medium and Low, you can select from Default, Smooth, Balanced, HD and HDR graphics.
  • PUBG GFX Tool also allows you to change the style of your game. You can play in Classic, Colorful, Realistic or Soft styles.
  • You can also restore the default settings of the game with just a few touches. With this, you can also adjust the Resolution of the game.
  • With the PUBG GFX Tool, you can optimize your battleground experience. You do it by optimizing the graphics settings and adjust the FPS, object details, shadows and resolution of your game. Also, you can customize and adjust the image quality according to your requirements.
  • Not only the performance, but you can also save your device’s battery a lot. When you adjust the resolution, graphics, FPS, or shadows of the game, it affects the battery consumption rate while playing the PUBG game.
  • You can improve the game performance with the Memory Boost option.
  • To make it more convenient to the users, there is a shortcut included, which you can find on your home screen. Whenever you will start the game, all your adjustments will be automatically customized with the settings you have made.
  • It helps you to play the game with no Lag issue.
  • Hardware Acceleration.

How to Install PUBG GFX Tool

If you are a newbie, and installing it for the first time, then the instructions, mentioned below, are going to help you. Read them and follow them carefully to install the PUBG GFX Tool on your device. And start enjoying the game with better gaming experience and performance.

  1. First of all, Download the PUBG GFX Tool Apk file from the given link.
  2. Next, Go to the Settings of your device, and then go to the Security Settings.
  3. Now enable the Unknown Sources option from there, if not already enabled.
  4. After that, open the recently downloaded PUBG GFX Tool Apk file. You can find it from the File Manager App.
  5. And then Install the Apk file by tapping on the Install button.
  6. Once installed, you can open the App. Now, you are all ready to customize settings of your PUBG Game.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I just hope that this article will improve your gaming experience with the help of PUBG GFX Tool Apk.

PUBG is one of the most played games. People from all over the world, with their different devices, play it. PUBG comes with very high-quality graphics. And this causes lags and visual errors for the users who are using devices with configuration.

In this case, they can use PUBG GFX Tool, with which they can adjust the graphics and more visual settings according to their requirements. It will help them to play the PUBG game smoothly.

Not only this, but they use it to increase the graphic quality and the image quality to enjoy the gameplay with better visualizations.