PDF Files: What Tools to Use In Compressing Your Files

compressing your PDF files

PDFs are a convenient and reliable format that many individuals can use to share or send documents via email or online-based sharing tools. Your PDF files will be able to preserve the formats of different files when you process and transfer them. However, large PDF files might be difficult to share and send because the size is quite significant. But worry no more because this guide is here to assist you in knowing what those reliable PDF compressors are. Here are the tools that you can use in compressing your PDF files.

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If you start to use PDF Bear, it’s manageable to compress PDF files, and anyone can perform it in a few clicks. This site is easy and straightforward to use; that’s why many people recommend PDF Bear. Besides the compressor, people can use multiple handy features such as unlocking, rotating, protecting, splitting, repairing, converting, and merging PDF files. You already know that this software is online-based. With that, individuals worldwide can use PDF Bear whenever they are through devices like laptops, tablets, computers, or smartphones.

How do you know that it is secure? PDF Bear can keep your data private and nonpublic. After uploading your PDFs, its system will instantly erase your data after 60 minutes. It’s also an advantage that this software won’t take any memory capacity of your computer. PDF Bear is also free to use, and any platform can recognize this software.

Neevia PDFcompress

Neevia PDFcompress can provide a reliable compression tool that lets the users manually compress their PDF files. However, it’s not recommended for newbies because they might not get their desired results quickly. This software might not have the best compression tool than others, but it enables users to have full control of the compression process and discard forms, bookmarks, annotations, tags, or thumbnails on their PDFs.

With Neevia PDFcompress, users can only compress PDFs under 10MB. With that, this software has a paid compression software version that provides similar options but still works offline, and you can enjoy the encryption feature. This software can compress and reduce the file size from 7.4MB to 6.8MB.


There’s a high chance that you already know about this image viewer that is free, IrfanView. Even though it’s a tool for manipulating images, people can also use this software with the correct plugin for their PDF files. The IMPDF is a plugin of IrfanView that allows users to compress and view their PDF files using this software. First, you need to download then install IrfanView. After that, download all the plugins setup, including IMPDF, and install all of them.


Handling large PDF file size? You don’t have to worry anymore because this article will provide anyone the perfect compression tools to reduce the file size of your PDFs. With these tools, compressing your PDF files is easy, and you can do it in seconds. We recommend that you use PDF Bear because it’s free, and your data is safe with this software.