Cost-Free Downloading Platform: 4 Basic Things You Should Know About RARBG Site

RARBG Proxy Sites

The evolution of technology and how it makes our life better is an undeniable fact. We become more and more reliant on its numerous functions. The modern era makes everything comfortable. In just a single click, anything becomes on hand. One of the best examples of how the internet works nowadays is the existence of RARBG. It allows you to download anything you want. No wonder why it became one of the crowd’s favorites.

RARBG offers users excellent quality content. If you want to know more about the site, you should lend your eyes over here. We have summarized the top things you should know about the site that will surely give you more reasons to patronize it.

Concise Description Of The Site

RARBG started as a simple site before it became one of the world’s best downloading platforms. The website was founded in 2008 and primarily began as a torrent tracker based in Bulgaria. In December of 2008, the site was closed after its launch due to BRIEN’s legal issues. Fortunately, it re-opened again and went online after the said affair.

The site gradually increased its popularity. It gained more users by the following years after the issue was resolved. Visitors are too gratified with their service offered and became their primary online tool when looking for high-quality content. Due to its wide popularity, RARBG was included in the list of most renowned torrent sites, and there are rarbg proxy sites that exist throughout the years. These specifically work when RARBG is not available in your country.

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Top RARBG Proxy Sites

There are hundreds of existing proxy or alternative sites you can freely use if you cannot access the RARBG site. They can also offer users top-quality content for the best streaming and downloading experience. Check out these leading sites that might hook your interest.


When it comes to the most legitimate torrents, LimeTorrents always leads the list. Legitimate torrents are one of the most crucial torrents on the internet today. No doubt why this alternative widely hooks the interest of most users. LimeTorrents is also known for providing users with a massive database, which is regularly updated with the latest video and music content.

The Pirate Bay

For a long time, The Pirate Bay had already existed from one form to another and was widely regarded as one of the most renowned torrent websites for streaming and downloading content. The site is also popular with its specific feature that lets users determine if a particular seeder is reliable.

ETTV Torrents

ETTV Torrents is specifically beneficial for downloading all-time favorite TV shows. The entire design has a user-friendly interface and allows users to watch any classical or latest TV shows. Though ETTV Torrents is not too focused on providing users with thousands of films, you can still watch some that are usually popular.

How Can You Unblock RARBG Torrent Site?

There are numerous methods to unblock the RARBG Torrent Site, aside from using proxy and mirror sites. Start by generating your VPN (Virtual Private Network), and this will bounce the IP addresses with other various IP addresses proxy found in the network tunnel. This is the most effective method if you don’t want someone to trace your online activity.

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The Site’s Design And Feature

Few countries highly prohibit anyone from using the site. However, due to its thousands of supporters worldwide, the website survives. Its overall design is very simple and provides users the most friendly interface. You can just locate the login box at the upper left corner, where you will place your account details.

RARBG Takeaway

From games, music, films, to software, RARBG is a leading downloading site where you can use it anytime and anywhere. It offers excellent quality content for entirely free. Its features continue to gratify users until today. In fact, because of its service, some alternatives have been launched, such as mentioned above.

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