Keep Your Anger in Check: Emojis You Can Use When Frustrated

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An ordinary human being can feel hundreds of emotions in a single day. Each emotion that a person feels is related to a specific physical or social situation that a person usually encounters. In this article, we’re going to show you some emoji you can use whenever you’re frustrated and angry to express your feelings towards a particular event extensively.

The Mad Face Emojis ?

Whenever you’re mad, one way to relieve yourself with frustration and discontent is by posting it on social media, and the best emoji to use in that regard is the mad emoji. The emojis is an icon with a red face with an expression similar to pouting; it’s like the face’s eyebrows are wrinkled downwards.

It also has a similar expression to the angry face emoji on other platforms. Depending on the platform, the mad face emoji can exhibit different levels of anger and frustration. For instance, Samsung has a yellow-faced emoji with an anger symbol on its forehead, while Microsoft’s emojis exhibits a yellow face with the expression of recently getting hurt.

Angry Face with Symbols On Mouth Emoji ?

To emphasize how angry you are with something, the best emoji to express more hatred in your frustration is the angry face with symbols on the mouth emoji. The emoji is a red-faced icon with symbols, called grawlixes, on its mouth. The emojis is similar to the mad face emoji, but it has random symbols covering its mouth, indicating that a vulgar language is used.

For those who don’t know, grawlixes are a set of typographical symbols, like ‘$%^&*,’ used in comic books in general. It’s used as a means to visually censor rude and vulgar languages or expressions on a character. Moreover, the emojis is also used in digital messages to express sudden outbursts of rage, frustration, and anger.

The Expressionless Face Emojis ?

Whenever a person wants to convey a message or react to it to express that you don’t care, the expressionless face emojis is the way to go. The expressionless face emoji is a yellow-faced icon that has an appearance not giving a rat’s tail about the situation. Also, it’s generally conveyed as a way to express disappointment and irritation towards something.

Furthermore, the expressionless face emojis is a more enhanced variant of the previously used Neutral Face emoji. The emoji expresses a person in discontent as if it indicates that the person is still gathering himself from what happened or from what he recently found out.

The Anger Symbol Emoji ?

The anger symbol emojis is an iconic red symbol that’s most likely similar to those you commonly find in comic books whenever a character is bursting out in frustration. The anger symbol emojis design is how people usually represent a person’s veins popping out due to rage. Also, the emojis is used on various comic books, expressing that a character just got hit.


Expressing one’s feelings over the internet can have dire consequences, especially when the person reading the context misunderstood the whole idea. Expressing anger is how most people see as someone who is learning from their mistakes and learning something new about them. Anger helps people to understand their emotions better, to be better.