How to turn a smartphone into an apartment designer

3D apartment designer

If you decide to update your interior, you do not need to contact a specialist to develop a design project. Try to do everything yourself, and easy-to-use mobile apps will help you do it. Mobile home planners and 3D apartment designer will help you with this. Learn more at apppearl.

But the usefulness of these products is a controversial issue because not every resource can help. We decided to simplify the process of finding the best online platform and made a shortlist of the best Phone repair near my location.

  1. Service Call: Home Repair List

With this tool, all repair beginners are not afraid of typical miscalculations in the number of tile boxes or paint buckets. The program calculates the required dimensions and the number of materials required. It is especially pleasant that the resource counts everything with reserve – just in case.

  1. HutQA: calculator for repairs

This calculator also pleases the user with its convenient calculation of the required material. However, it is not so much famous for its palette of functions as for the convenience and simplicity of the interface. Even a child can make sense of it!

  1. Home Design 3D

Perhaps this is one of the most famous online designers in the world, made in the form of a game. Here you can dye walls, change floor tiles, pick up furniture, lighting, and even textiles. All this fascinates the novice 3D apartment designer who is absorbed in the process.

  1. InMyRoom

With the InMyRoom application, you can always be aware of your favorite project: all articles and photos are now at hand. With the built-in store, you can select from over 50,000 items and order them directly from the app.

Postpone your favorite articles, photos, and products to your collections. The app is constantly being improved and updated – don’t forget to download new versions.

  1. Homestyler Interior Design

The app lives up to its “home stylist” name. The platform is suitable not only for modeling the future interior but also for inspiring ready-made projects of designers. Graphics deserve special honor. Here, the developers treated it with special trepidation.

  1. Planner 5D – Interior Design

Despite the loud 5D name, the format of the resource is not much different from the typical 3D interior designer. The main advantage of this application is that it is free. And this is even though there is a huge catalog of building materials and furniture.

  1. AutoCAD

The AutoCAD application allows you to create 2D and 3D drawings. At first glance, this seems complicated, but it is not. This program works on iOS and Android platforms. It allows you to easily create three-dimensional models of apartments and plan the room with millimeter accuracy. AutoCAD also supports the zoom and panorama function for all drawings. You can use GPS to navigate through drawings.

You can use the app to add text annotations to a drawing and move objects in space. The app is quite easy to learn, it is constantly updated. And most importantly, it’s free.


The free Dwell app is designed for those who are looking for sources of inspiration for their design solutions. Dwell is a reflection of the articles of an elite American magazine dedicated to modern architecture and interior design.

This is a collection of useful articles, videos, and slideshows about interior design, as well as useful tips from architects. You can share Dwell materials with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. BuildApp Viewer

BuildApp Viewer is an Android application for creating an interior with the ability to view the result in 3D. The app has a simple interface and does not require special design skills. This program already has several templates for creating the interior of one-room, two-room, and three-room apartments.

However, you can arrange furniture and decor items to your liking, and then take a virtual tour of the future apartment. By the way, you can post the result on Facebook or Twitter so that your friends can appreciate your design taste.

To create the most realistic 3D designs, 3D apartment designer can use photos from the BuildApp Viewer gallery. Or can take a photo of their apartment using your mobile phone and add it to the app. Then you just need to insert 3D furniture and experiment with Wallpaper patterns and ceiling painting. The app is designed for those who want to repair the premises, but are not ready to delve into the complexity of the architectural design.