How to Choose Fire-rated Garage Doors

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Fire-rated garage doors are in demand at any enterprise, commercial, or administrative facility. They are in demand for a very understandable reason: they withstand extremely high temperatures and block fire outside the protected area for a certain period of time. If you are looking for a reliable provider of fire-rated garage door installation and garage door spring adjustment services, then this article is for you.

How Do Fire-rated Doors Work?

Fire-rated gates are ordered by owners and tenants of business centers, airports, train stations, retail and warehouse premises, and enterprises. You can not do without them in the construction of multi-apartment residential buildings. Of course, such demand forces manufacturers to constantly improve the quality of this equipment.

Modern fire-rated gates solve several important tasks at once:

  • Prevent fire and smoke from entering adjacent rooms and damaging property or injuring personnel.
  • Localize the fire, which allows firefighters to quickly and effortlessly eliminate the danger.
  • Help staff, visitors, and residents exit the facility quickly and in an orderly manner.
  • And these gates, like other fences, keep the heat in the room and protect it from external factors (dust, precipitation, dirt, and unpleasant odors from the street).

Fire-rated gates can be retractable, sectional, and swing types of construction. Each type of structure has its own characteristics and advantages, but their principle of operation is approximately the same:

  • When a fire or smoke appears in the room, special sensors transmit a signal to the gate mechanism. The system of counterbalances works and gates are automatically closed.
  • The design of the gate is hermetic; when closed, they do not let in fire, smoke, and odors due to fire and smoke seals and other materials.
  • The speed of operation of automation is high. Modern systems are stable, so the gate works even when there is a power outage.

Where are fire resistant doors needed? You can use them:

  • In warehouses for storing flammable materials, in workshops with a large number of electrical appliances.
  • Heating points, pumping stations.
  • Engine rooms, elevator shafts.
  • Cable tunnels, ventilation chambers.
  • In the aisles separating production areas from utility rooms.
  • Between the residential and office part of the building in urban complexes.
  • At large public facilities – shopping and entertainment centers, educational institutions, and transport terminals.
  • For the protection of residential buildings located near industrial enterprises.

The main requirements that must be observed when installing such structures:

  • Do not install the system in places where pipes and gas pipelines pass.
  • Floor beams should not be located above the closed opening.
  • The canvas should not be blocked by other swing doors.

What Are The Unique Features of Fire-rated Gates?

Fire-rated gates are an excellent choice for those who are concerned about the safety of production and employees. Let’s look at the main advantages of fire-rated doors.

  1. Modern non-combustible materials. Fire-rated gates are made of high-density sheet metal. Zinc-coated panels are used, as well as seals with smoke and fire protection, with improved noise and heat insulation.
  2. Easy installation. The design is simple, so the installation is given a little time. You can open them like ordinary doors – they move to the side along the rail track (retractable) or move in a vertical plane along the rails (sectional).
  3. Relatively small in size and weight. These features make it easy to transport, store and install the gate. Of course, there are also more massive and overall gates, which are made to order. Special equipment is required for their installation.
  4. High speed of work due to well-thought-out automation. The reliable system provides operation in a matter of seconds even in the absence of electricity. That is why fire-resistant gates with automation are in demand everywhere. If you need to carry out a garage door spring adjustment, you can contact the STI Garage Door company.
  5. Energy efficiency and soundproofing. In addition to being fire resistant, a garage door can also be energy efficient and soundproof. When choosing a garage door, you can pay attention to its level of insulation from cold and heat in order to reduce energy consumption for heating or air conditioning in the room. Also, a fire-rated door can be a good sound insulator, preventing noise from entering from outside or from adjacent rooms. This is especially important if your home is located in a noisy area or if you want to provide privacy and tranquility indoors.

What to Look For When Choosing Fire-rated Doors?

There are many criteria by which it is customary to choose fire doors. But some customers out of habit are guided by the brand and cost. These parameters, although important, are not decisive. If you want fireproof gates to serve for a long time and perform all their functions, then pay attention to:

  • Material type. High-quality gates are made only from high-strength steel or aluminum. The metal surface is coated with a special powder paint with corrosion protection. And mineral wool is used as a filler. Seals must be with increased protection against high temperatures and fire.
  • Fire resistance class. There are several options depending on the flame containment time. Doors marked EI30 hold the flame for 30 minutes, and those marked EI60 for 60 minutes. There are other markings that indicate the ability of the structure to withstand fire for 1.5-2 hours.
  • Availability of modern automation. Now almost everywhere they install fire doors with reliable automation. This speeds up the operation of garage doors and greatly increases the chances of extinguishing fire and smoke, as well as evacuating staff, residents, or visitors without unnecessary problems.
  • Additional elements. At the request of the customer, the gate is equipped with a separate opening for the exit and various sensors. This is necessary for the quick evacuation of people, as well as for comfortable use. You can discuss the need to install separate passages and sensors at the stage of choosing ready-made or custom-made gates.

Final Thoughts

Automatic fire-rated gates have a lot of advantages and they should contain fire and smoke for at least 30 minutes. Currently, on the market, you can find a lot of offers and options that are ideal for solving a particular problem. If you want to install quality fire-resistant garage doors, we recommend that you contact STI Garage Door. The company installs garage doors and also performs repair repairs, in particular garage door spring adjustment services.