How DXPs Ensure Personalised Experiences

Great customer experiences require personalised support, understanding, and delivery. How can you provide these experiences for your customers if you don’t understand their needs?

The best way to deep dive into your customer’s desires, needs, and preferences is via a DXP or digital experience platform.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about what a digital experience platform is and discuss how these innovative solutions drive personalised experiences.

What is a Digital Experience Platform?

A digital experience platform or DXP is a fresh, innovative way to design and deliver customer experiences. They help companies understand customers and use data to personalise their online journeys.

As an emerging trend, DXPs are shaping the future of customer service. These platforms offer new ways for companies to connect with their customers by recognising their needs and catering to their growing expectations.

DXPs take the entire customer journey into account, from acquisition all the way through to retention and advocacy—and across multiple channels.

Among other features and benefits, digital experience platforms can:

  • Deliver personalised shopping experiences to customers
  • Help customers find instant solutions to their queries
  • Segment customers to deliver meaningful, relevant content
  • Measure, analyse, and refine customer journeys
  • Organise content, segments, and journeys within a single platform
  • Serve customers without additional support staff costs

How DXPs Provide Value to Businesses and Customers

Today’s consumers use smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, and many other devices to shop online. For businesses to thrive, they must deliver consistent experiences across each of these touchpoints.

For example, for a customer who clicks a Facebook ad on their smartphone, adds the product to their cart, and later wants to complete the purchase via their laptop, the journey should be seamless.

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DXPs are the best way to make this happen. You’ll be able to access vital data about your customers and their shopping behaviour, including:

  • Machine learning-powered insights
  • Location data
  • Real-time browsing behaviour
  • Interests and preferences
  • Search intent
  • Much more

This information can help you design and implement experiences that match your customers’ expectations. When browsing your website or searching for your products and services online, customers will always see information relevant to their needs and desires.

DXPs vs. Traditional CMSs

The key advantage DXPs hold over traditional content management systems or CMSs is their omnichannel connections. As we touched on above, today’s customers use multiple devices to shop from multiple locations—and they expect a smooth, seamless journey.

A DXP will allow you to manage all these experiences from a single platform, allowing your organisation to stay productive, continuously innovative, and drive high-quality, personalised customer experiences.

DXPs also focus on building lasting relationships with customers—conversion isn’t the end all and be all! Loyalty is just as, if not more, important. DXPs track customer engagements and behaviours through the entire customer lifecycle.

Futureproof Your Business

Investing in a digital experience platform is the #1 way to deliver high-converting, personalised customer experiences in the digital space.

Thanks to machine learning and AI, DXPs automatically adapt, grow, and change with your customer base—so it’s essential for futureproofing your business.

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