Hosting Large Groups: Preparing Your Vacation Rental for Capacity

As vacation rentals become more popular, hosts often find themselves catering to large groups. The groups can be student reunions, family gatherings, or friends meeting celebrating a birthday. Hosting large groups can be challenging considering that you will have a mix of personalities on your property.

However, hosting large groups can have lucrative benefits. A lot of planning required to ensure that everyone leaves with a positive experience. In this article are essential tips to help you prepare your vacation rental to accommodate large groups.

Welcome Your Guests in Style

A warm welcome will go a long way in making your guest feel happy and at home. You can leave a note wishing them all the best during their stay. Little well-thought gift baskets with sweets and other snacks can be a perfect addition to your welcome package.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to get a vacation rental welcome book. Ensure that the book has all the necessary information about your rental. Provide detailed information about your property’s features, rules, and any additional charges for exceeding specified guest limits.

Adequate Sleeping Space

When hosting many guests at a time, the biggest issue is providing adequate and comfortable sleeping space. Having enough rooms that can be converted into bedrooms would be nice. However, if you don’t have many rooms, you can be creative by providing creative sleeping spots.

You can buy sleeping bags and extra mattresses or replace single beds with bunk beds. As a good host, ensure that you communicate with the guests before they arrive at your property. Inform them of the available sleeping options and ask if there is anything you can do to make them feel more comfortable.

Create Spacious Common Areas

People love passing time watching TV, playing games, or socializing. Ensure that your property has spacious living rooms and patio areas to accommodate everyone. Also, provide ample seating in the common and dining rooms.

Consider investing in creative seating options like bean bags, sofas, and benches. You can also place a mat on the floor with a few throw pillows. However, ensure that the space doesn’t look cramped up as it will restrict movement.

Entertainment and Recreation

Provide entertainment and games for your hosts. A good TV and high-speed internet are a good place to start. Also, equip your rental with board games and gaming consoles. Don’t limit the options to indoor games alone.

Outdoor sports like a badminton net or a volleyball court would be nice to have. Having these will improve your guests’ experience, leading to many positive reviews.

Provide a Fully-Equipped Kitchen

One of the main reasons why people prefer staying at vacation rentals is the ability to recreate a homely lifestyle. People traveling in groups will prefer cooking together as part of bonding and creating memories.

As a host, ensure that your property has a spacious and well-equipped kitchen. Install all the essential appliances like a coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. You can also go a step ahead and curate a little recipe book featuring some of the best local cuisines.