Fax Without a Fax Machine: 3 Steps to Send & Receive Faxes FOR FREE in 2020


Data security has been a major concern of people for many centuries. Fax machines were assembled to help people keep their information confidential and share them safely. Even after the development of modern communication systems, fax is still popular among large and small firms. 

Google Fax Free has resolved the hardware management issues associated with outdated fax machines by integrating all sorts of online fax information. You can check the possible fax solution from the blog posts available at Google Fax Free to get detailed information about wireless faxing.  

CocoFax, Exchange Fax without Fax Machine 

Google Fax Free is the repute online fax blogger and you should go to its official site to explore how online fax service works. CocoFax, as Google Fax Free suggests, has made faxing a paperless practice. Now you can send and receive faxes for free. Setting up fax machines and getting new toners for faxing is not a requirement anymore. 

CocoFax offers expedient wireless faxing all over the world whereas users from 190 countries are presently subscribed to CocoFax. Not only this, but CocoFax got recognition from international forums including Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, and the New York Times. 

Millions of users reviewed CocoFax, a convenient and trustworthy solution. CocoFax has replaced traditional faxing techniques with added security features. Faxing is not limited to papers anymore but it is revolutionized just as modern communication systems. 

Fax without a Fax Machine with CocoFax

Google Fax Free offers dependable solutions about how to send fax without fax machine and other queries. Time to free up space of your work desk by discarding bulky fax machines with CocoFax.

As Google Fax Free recommends, CocoFax incorporates cutting-edge services to provide a paperless faxing environment to users. There is no need to stick to your workplace for keeping a track of all sent and received documents. Just grab any internet-capable devices to transfer faxes anywhere, anytime with CocoFax.

You can also thrust aside those 18th-Century landline phones and get rid of telephone cables. CocoFax is a smart fax solution that comes up with all the services required for faxing. You would not experience any interruptions in the fax as CocoFax works over the internet.

Send free Faxes with web-based CocoFax solution

CocoFax is an online fax service provider that works over the internet to send and receive faxes. It comes up with fully-working features to make your faxing experience error-free. There is no need to get the services of a phone company to transfer faxes any longer.

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The web-based services of CocoFax assist you in sending faxes from any web browser. CocoFax is not a platform-dependent application. Either you are using an Android smartphone or iPhone, CocoFax runs smoothly on all kinds of devices.

Getting started with CocoFax requires the subsequent steps to follow.  It barely takes 2 minutes to set up CocoFax for online faxing. This stepwise guide will help to get familiar with CocoFax and how to send free faxes online.

Step 1: Signup to CocoFax

The first step involves account registration. Create your new CocoFax account by clicking the Sign in button from the top right corner of CocoFax’s official website. You will get a 30 days free trial after signing up with CocoFax so that you can assess the services.

CocoFax also provides free fax numbers to its users for online faxing. Either you want to send a fax to a local number or expecting some important documents from international clients, CocoFax is an ultimate solution for all your faxing concerns.

Step 2: Compose Fax 

As you have a CocoFax account and a fax number, now you can create a fax document online. Click the New Fax button from the web-based dashboard of CocoFax for opening a new fax wizard. This is the place where you can enter all the sensitive details to send them a fax.

Enter the recipient’s name into the To field whereas notes and title of fax could be added in the Subject area. You can add a cover page to your fax document by entering the relevant details in the Fax body area. All these specifics will appear as a fax file at the receiver’s end.

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Upload png,jpg,doc,Xls,pdf files amending them into a fax file. You can attach multiple files at a time and send them concurrently. Moreover, you can also share these files with more than one recipient by adding multiple fax numbers and separating them by a comma.

Step 3: Send Fax 

Click the Send button from the new fax wizard after checking through the details. Make sure to rename the files without any special characters as it would halt the fax sending process. However, you will not be asked to convert these digital files into analog manually.

CocoFax translates your documents into a readable Tiff file and forwards them to the receiver’s fax machine. When you hit the send button, your files first reach CocoFax servers and their formats are changed automatically thus reducing your effort.

You can track fax transmission from the CocoFax dashboard. All the sent and received faxes, attached files and other details could be checked from any device. Either your file was successfully delivered or not, CocoFax sends automated notification alerts to your account.

Receive Faxes for Free with CocoFax

Now you can receive online faxes with a web-based CocoFax solution. Just login to your CocoFax account and navigate to the inbox folder. All the received faxes will be listed there. You can check sender details, timestamps of received faxes, and transmission logs.

You can download fax files and view them as a pdf. Digital devices do not support Tiff formats thus CocoFax converts all received faxes into a pdf file. You can also access the CocoFax dashboard from your mobile phone and preview faxes on the go.

Shift from Wired to Paperless Faxing with CocoFax

Fax machines used a guided medium for transferring faxes from one place to another. However, this mechanism is not followed nowadays. The global world is using wireless technology to communicate with each other. Thus CocoFax has introduced wireless faxing.

Exchanging fax documents usually require a fax machine, papers, toners, a telephone line, and a fax number. Well, you do not need these hardware tools anymore. Just grab your mobile phone or tablet and enjoy ultra-fast and paperless faxing with CocoFax.


Online faxing with CocoFax is a lot easier and convenient as compared to traditional fax machines. All you have to do is follow the 2 minutes registration process and you can transfer free online faxes anywhere in the world. CocoFax is a reliable and expedient fax utility.

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