How to Extract Text From Image: Best Online Websites for Free

extract text from image

The internet is one of the best sources that help us solve all the issues we face daily. It has multiple sources that can help in solving lots of critical as well as complex problems. The need to extract text from an image is a common requirement in the present-day world. Multiple OCR online sources help with extract text from image. OCR or optical character recognition is how the characters present in the picture are recognized and converted into text. One can access these sources from the internet by visiting the respective websites.

Top Sources of Extract Text from Image

Browsing across the internet, multiple sources will help extract the text from the images. Here is a list of websites or sources that are accurate image text converter online.

It is a free online source to extract text from image. If any user needs to access any of the converters like this one, they can access these websites. Image to text google, yahoo, bing, internet explorer, etc. can be done quickly with the help of a few clicks. This website lets the users convert image texts into word documents. One can convert information from pdf format, png format, jpeg format, BMP format, GIF format, TIFF format, etc. There is a guest mode where the users can convert images to text. In this mode, the user can convert 15 images in an hour and a similar number of pages into several files. Registered users can access pdf formats, convert texts into pdf files, and enjoy the website’s added features.

This website can upload any document in the text extractor tool and get the texts extracted simply from the website. It can extract texts from image formats such as jpg., png., pdf, etc. The tool lets the user upload the image and then detects the texts available in the image. Once all the texts are detected, the converter transfers all the text into the clipboard. The user can paste the texts into a word document from the clipboard. It can be done through a couple of clicks, and the user does not have to worry much about it.

The is a popular converter website that helps convert many documents from the initial format to the desired format. It also offers the option to extract text from image. If a user wishes to extract certain information from a photo, they can access the website for free and convert the image information to a word document. Similar to other text extraction tools, the allows the user to convert information or data from the image format to text format in a word document. Further, this word document can be converted into pdf files or any other preferred document format. is a free converter that allows the user to convert the source image file of any format to a document format. It provides accurate conversion of the texts from the image, regardless of the number of characters present in the image or the font style used in the image format. This is a significant reason why is a popular choice among the users compared to the other online sources available for the image to text google.

Another popular and free source to extract text from image is The text extraction process is quite simple and accurate, like the other available sources on the internet. It is free of cost and easy to access as well as convert image to text documents. All the data and information available in the image are converted to a text document, a word document, a pdf file, and even an excel sheet. There are premium features of the same that offers extended support and other options.

The is also a powerful tool that helps in converting or extract text from image. It can be accessed through Google or any other browser. Access to this tool is free and allows the user convert any image to a text document. The available texts on the image get converted into a text file such as a word document, a pdf file, and an excel sheet as per the user’s requirement. There are some additional features as well that can be accessed after subscribing to the desired services.

The is also a source for an accurate image to text converter online. To do so, the user needs to visit the website, find the image from which the text is to be extracted, and upload the image on the website. With just one click, the user can extract the available text from the image and convert it into a word document or a pdf document. Once the file is converted, it will be ready for download. The user can access the file after downloading it from the website. The downloaded file will be available in the downloads section of the computer.

This website allows the user to extract text from image and convert the same into different file formats. Further, one can extract the text and convert it to an excel sheet, a word document, a pdf file, etc. All of this can be done for free, and there is no requirement for any subscription.


The pytesseract is a helpful and powerful tool that allows to extract text from image python. The procedure is quite simple if the user can get a hold of it in a couple of trials. Besides, there are tutorials available on the internet that will help the user understand how to extract the information from the image to text.

To conclude, numerous sources can help the user convert their desired images to text files. Moreover, the sources given above are famous and extensively used for image conversion to text formats.