E-scooter App Development Company: How to Choose in 2022

E-scooter App

The e-scooter app sharing market, which emerged in 2017, is now growing rapidly. The industry has quickly gained early adopters, thanks to the fact that electric scooter sharing increases mobility in densely populated cities. A Boston Consulting Group study confirms that electric scooters are more convenient than other modes of transportation or walking for short-distance travel. Most all urban trips are up to 10 km in length. At the same time, the length of every second trip by cab is up to 5 km.

The market leaders are now the American startups Bird and Lime. Now in the States and Europe, according to Mobility Forsights, more than 100,000 electric scooters are available for sharing. Thanks to investor interest, Lime and Bird quickly became “unicorns.” In total, Bird has received more than $700 million in investment (according to the Financial Times) and Lime has received more than $750 million.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? In this situation, you want to grab your share of that pie, too. However, in order to do that you first need to have the appropriate resources, namely the scooters themselves and the e-scooter app. In this article, we’ll deal with the latter and find out how to provide the development quickly and at a minimal cost.

What is e-scooter sharing?

E-scooter sharing is electric scooter sharing for a set fee. The service solves the “last mile problem” by helping the customer cover the distance between the subway station/bus stop and home/office. According to Lime, by May 1, 2019, Oakland residents had made more than 1 million trips on electric scooters from transit stops to home and vice versa. The average trip was 7 minutes and the distance was about 1.5 kilometers.

That part of the journey is often too long to walk and too short to use a car. Although some countries (particularly Germany) also require a driver’s license to operate an electric scooter.

Services are managed through the e-scooter app: the user sees the nearest point on a map of the city. It is possible to start a ride by scanning the QR code on the scooter.

What should be included in the functionality of the e-scooter app? Each app has its own features. However, the basic functionality of the e-scooter app is as follows:

  • registration/authorization
  • map showing scooters
  • possibility to view information about the status of the scooter and its rates on the map
  • scooter rent for the trip
  • personal account
  • travel history
  • balance (refill, cost history)
  • settings (password, beginner mode with limited speed)
  • user management (editing, blocking for a period of time with a message to the user)

Nevertheless, developing an e-scooter app can cost you a pretty penny. This is primarily due to the high rates of e-scooter app development specialists. According to RexSoft e-scooter app development company, on average, development takes the following amount of time:

  • Design – 80h;
  • App development – 360h;
  • Back-end development/App API – 280h;
  • Super Admin CMS – 140h;
  • Device API – 160h.

So e-scooter app development of this project took 1020h in total. With e-scooter app development from the US with the developers’ rate of $75/h, it would cost $76,800 to develop such an application.

Is there any way to reduce development costs? Yes! Consider regions, where the development is much cheaper. For example in Ukraine, with a $40/h rate, it’s development would cost about $40,800. But e-scooter app development is reasonable in Eastern Europe not only because of its attractive price. For example, the same company RexSoft offers its customers a whole list of reasons to work with them.

– High level of expertise

– Rich experience in e-scooter app development

– Working in accordance with U.S. law

– Flexible pricing

– And much more.

Contact RexSoft and get started in scooter sharing app development now!

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), by 2025 the market volume of e-scooter sharing will be $40-50 billion. It is likely that in the future people will increasingly choose electric scooters for short trips. It is also worth considering restrictions on the use of cars – by 2035 they will become more stringent in many major cities. Those who want to take their place in this market need to start now and the best start is e-scooter app development. The main thing is to find top-notch e-scooter app development professionals. Contact RexSoft e-scooter app development company now and we will discuss all the details together.