Develop Your Projects with Agrati

Do you operate in the automotive, electronics, or other associated industries? Are you in the business of restoring old things and value their visual appeal and durability? If so, you’ll find that Agrati can provide you with all kind of fasteners for your projects.

Agrati has over eight decades of experience providing the automotive, electronics, and other sectors with industry-leading fastening solutions. This is why an Agrati fastener solution is synonymous with quality and durability.

But it doesn’t end there. When you’re looking for a fastener solution, you want the best combination of durability, modern technology, and suitability for your project. This is where Agrati is unrivaled, thanks to developing more than 850 new products yearly.

In this article, we’ll look at how Agrati can help your organization exceed all standards when it comes to safety, durability, and performance.

Reviving Old Vehicles

In the realm of vehicle repairs, the craftsmanship lies not just in creativity but in the art of connection. Let’s suppose you need to bring old motorcycles or cars back to top condition. Some of the most critical parts are fasteners if you want to keep it safely on the road!

Thanks to Agrati’s myriad of fasteners, you’ll indeed find the right ones for such vehicles or, better said, these soon-to-be roaring masterpieces. Let’s look at a significant fastener solution for such a project: bolts.

Agrati has bolts for all parts, including battery, body, chassis, seating, and more. The company produces more than 5 million screws daily, and almost all of the processes are performed internally. These include thread rolling, wire drawing, cold forging, tooling, and heat treatments. Rest assured, your fastening will be perfect with Agrati’s products.

Creating Something New

Agrati’s products are not just good for restoring old vehicles. Thanks to its many products, you will find the ideal components for any new project that requires fastening.

Working on modular furniture? An electronics project? Building models? You’ll probably need bolts, screws, and nuts for them. Whatever the material, Agrati has got you covered. You can find fasteners for aluminum, plastic, steel, and more. There are self-tapping screws, screws with self-aligning tips; you name it, Agrati probably offers it.

And what if you need help with the engineering side of things? You’ll be happy to know that Agrati offers prototyping, product design, and research & development for engineered plastics.

Yes, Agrati is more than screws and bolts. You can find solutions for engineered plastics in conjunction with cold-forged materials, fasteners with insulating and conductive properties, and more.

Do It with Style

Often, very little consideration is given to fasteners in terms of visual appeal. Many workshops and companies often look at the technical specifications of fasteners and consider the ones that fit the purpose, and that’s where it ends.

With Agrati fasteners, you can do much more. You can select the most aesthetically pleasing ones from the impressive array of products to make your project shine. It will allow you to reflect your personal style and flair. This is why any Agrati fastener solution can be the cornerstone of any customization journey.

Your garage or workshop will soon turn into the perfect blend of creativity and connection. Whether you’re securing the handlebars of your motorbike or fixing a circuit board, you’ll find screws, bolts, and fasteners that are a testament to form and function.

The Ideal Companion for Your Projects

Thanks to their high quality and variety, Agrati’s fasteners are top-class solutions for any situation. In short, they allow you to turn your visions into reality.

These fasteners are widely used in the assembly line of automotive makers worldwide, and are ideal supplies for restoring and building new projects. In every twist of the wrench and every connection forged, these solutions become the catalysts for your success.