Cool and interesting websites you should visit

If you have free time the best way to use it is on the internet. There are so many websites for you to explore and to learn all kinds of interesting things.  The majority of people probably go straight to the most popular and well-known sites. The more expected ones.  But you can become a virtual explorer from the comfort of your own home if you decide to and find the most amazing treasures with very little effort.

You can explore and find such cool sites and really learn some new and exciting stuff. It is obviously fun to visit Fair Go casino, but there is really so much more out there.  Below are some of the coolest websites, and there are many more, for you to view and try out.  You can kill some time and perhaps learn some interesting new facts along the way.  

Here is a (relatively) short list of sites you really should check out: 

Little Alchemy 2

You will enjoy wasting some time on this site.  The site is about altering or creating different elements.  You basically begin with Earth, Water, Fire and Air and the object is to make as many different materials and items as you can by mixing them.  For instance, earth and air will produce dust.   There are no hard and fast rules. You just try out different mixes and see what you produce.  It will keep you busy and interested for ages.

Mental Floss

This is really a very interesting site. It gives you the inside, or unknown story about some of the most talked about events in the world.  There is no subject not explored. Everything is covered from world history to science to pop culture to the latest technology.  Be prepared to be shocked about all the amazing facts you will learn.  You’ll learn hidden twists on things you thought you already knew about.  


Unlike many websites, this site actually makes learning things exciting and fun. Whenever you have a little time to spare it is worth checking into this site just to learn something new and interesting.  You can learn of new concepts that you for sure will never have heard of, like the infinite money paradox or the game you win by losing.  To understand these concepts, check out the website.  It’s fun.

A Good Movie to Watch

Sometimes it’s really hard to find a good movie and, if you are like me, you’ll usually just end up watching the movies you most liked a second or even a third time. This site will solve the problem. It has an amazing assortment of movies. You can choose depending on your mood or the genre.  A lot of the movies here might be considered fringe, because they maybe didn’t quite satisfy the mass media.  But you’ll find some great movies. Definitely worth the time and effort.


Continuing in the same vein, this is also a movie website. If you get completely overwhelmed by lists and lists of movies this site will be good for you. It has only 30 movies listed at any given time. Everyday a new movie appears and one will disappear. This makes choosing much easier.  The movie remains on the site for 30 days before it disappears. If you are a movie fan, then this site shouldn’t be missed.

The Moth

This website is all about the art and craft of storytelling. The people themselves actually share with you their authentic stories. There is also a podcast featuring all the stories available around the world on Moth stages.  This site is truly a treat for listeners.


If you want to laugh, and we all know how good laughing is for you, then log into this site.  It houses original satirical comic strips about language, romance and even math.  If math is your thing, you’ll love this site.

The Odd 1s Out

This is also a comic strip site and very cute and funny. It takes a satirical look at things relating to ordinary life and is really quite hysterically funny.   You can also check out the corresponding YouTube channel they have.

Don’t Even Reply

Ever wondered what some people do with their spare time?  Well, the creator of this website spends his time replying to every classified advertisement posted on Craigslist.  It is so funny to read the email exchange that takes place. Highly recommended for a good laugh.

Cool Interesting Stuff

This website is all about unsolved mysteries.  It features everything and anything that is weird or strange or unusual. It is probably not wise to take the content on its face value but it is a great way to entertain yourself and kill some time.

Wait But Why

This is an interesting site because it deals with regular news and stuff related to actual life and events.  The site uses stick figures as a way of explaining the ideas and topics but it is done in a very cute and funny way.  It’s very original and somewhat eccentric but it is very humorous.

This Is My Website Now

This site is basically a collection of short games which you play on your browser. They are very short but they are fun. It’s great if you need a little break and don’t want to just sit and twiddle your fingers.

The Oatmeal

This is probably the funniest of all the comic strip websites.If you are into comic strips,  it will make you laugh till you cry.

The Onion

The Onion is probably one of the very first sites to do satirical news coverage. It is definitely one of the very best out there. The Onion has paved the way for many writers to give over even the most difficult of news stories in the most humorous way. Definitely worth a look.


BuzzFeed definitely got its initial inspiration from the Onion. It is mainly used by teenagers and youngsters and is hugely popular. It focuses on articles and listicles with comical photoshopped photos and GIFS which are really funny. This site is a fun way to waste time.  


This is a very cool website.  It is aimed at men only and, having over 9000 products, is worth a look before you go shopping. It has a huge range of products from vintage motorbikes to trousers and jackets and even Bluetooth earbuds.  Worth a look.

This Is Why I am Broke

If you are looking to buy a gift, something really different and unique then this site will help you. It has some great ideas and is good for all budgets.  There’s something to suit everyone.


Spotify is hugely popular and nearly everyone is listening to music via that platform. But Spotify favors the popular artist. Forgetify, on the other hand, will introduce you to those less popular artists but who also produce great sounds.  This site is a sure way of finding new talented musicians and bands.  

Next time when you have time on your hands, go and visit one of these cute sites.  It’s fun to try out something different, move away a little from the popular websites and try something new.