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Faxing has always been a necessity due to its utmost security advantages. In the past as well as now, in the present, faxing has been leading the way for secure communications. And if you are looking for easy ways to fax your documents, this guide will help you a lot.

As you might as well know, faxing has an old background and hence, its requirements are also old fashioned and primitive, to some extent. Things like fax machines, paper, toner, and ink, etc. are no longer in use in this present advanced era. These necessities cost too much money as well as effort.

So to make things work, there was a need to have a more practical faxing method, one that would eradicate the need for all such absurd requirements. This way, internet faxing came to the surface. It’s an excellent new way of faxing through which you can fax documents over the internet.

CocoFax – Free Internet Faxing with The Best Fax ServiceCocoFax is the best online fax service for faxing through the internet easily and conveniently. You can fax your documents through CocoFax, check this free online fax here. It is the best one in the market with its top of the line faxing services.

Trusted by millions of people all around, CocoFax is the most used online fax service and has millions of clients all around the world. It is so good that it has made highlights on some top media brands as well. News sources like Forbes, TechRadar, and PCMag have reviewed it well.

When it comes to online faxing, no other fax service can provide better features and highlights in assisting you in delivering your documents. It has plenty of highlights that make it the best one in town.

With CocoFax, faxing over the internet is extremely easy and you can do it with any device or OS you want. CocoFax allows you to fax pdf from PC too. Whether you use a computer, laptop, or even a mobile phone, CocoFax can make all of your devices into high-end fax delivering machines.

Moreover, you can fax through the internet in many ways when you are using CocoFax. CocoFax has amazing email to fax services that allow you to fax through any email client that you use. Email faxing is one of the excellent features of CocoFax that the clients just love.

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Why is CocoFax Necessary for Internet/Email Faxing?

You might be questioning in your mind that why is CocoFax so important or even needed for faxing through the internet. Well, it’s a good question and we will answer it in detail here.

Faxing and the internet are two quite different things with different working schemes. Talking about faxing, it goes quite back in time and hence its working mechanisms are also quite old. It uses analog signals to send and deliver its clients’ faxes.

However, the internet is different because it’s quite new and much more advanced than faxing. The internet is a global platform powered by digital signals. Hence, fax and the internet cannot cooperate that easily.

Also, emails are not naturally equipped with faxing features so you cannot send faxes directly through email. You need a go-between like CocoFax.

The online fax services such as CocoFax make it possible for fax and the internet to cooperate together and achieve online faxing. However, not all fax services can be trusted. Some are just scams that try to steal your data.

The only reliable one and the one you can trust is CocoFax.

What Do You Need for Email Faxing via Internet?

CocoFax has some simple requirements that you need to have in order to fax through it. These requirements are way better and convenient than those of old methods. Here, we have listed some simple requirements for faxing through CocoFax.

A Device having an Internet Connection

For faxing through the internet, you must have a device that is connected to the internet. Make sure that the device you are using for faxing purposes has a steady internet connection.

A CocoFax Account

When you use an online fax service for faxing over the internet, you must sign-up with it first. The same is the case with CocoFax. You must register yourself and make an account with CocoFax before you can start using its services.

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You can sign-up using the 30-day free trial through which you can test the services well and freely. No payment is needed for sign-up.

A Fax Number

Fax number is the most mandatory requirement of all. You must have a fax number regardless of which faxing method you use. CocoFax takes this into account and provides its clients with a free fax number.

Stepwise Guide for Email Faxing

Step 1: The very first thing that you need to do is to create an account by signing up with CocoFax. Sign-up can be done by opening their website through any internet browser that you have. Click on the button of the 30-day free trial once you are on the website.

You can also pick your own fax number that is completely free of cost.

Step 2: Provide the email address on which you want to send and receive faxes directly. Make sure it’s an active one.

Step 3: Once you are done signing up, you can now proceed for faxing. Open your email account and hit the button of ‘New Mail’.

Start filling in the fields one by one. The ‘To’ field, in this case, is not for the recipient’s email address but for the fax address of the person receiving your fax. What’s more, your fax can have multiple fax addresses as well.

If there’s any top note that you want to add at the top of your fax file, you can write it in the ‘Subject’ field. If you wish your fax document to have an introductory page when it reaches the receiver’s end, you can write it in the email body.

Lastly, attach the fax file, there can be more than one files. CocoFax supports many formats including pdf, doc, png, xls, and jpg, etc. When you have attached all the documents, press the send button. CocoFax will convert your email into a fax and then forward it to the other person.


As it’s obvious, internet faxing has never been this easy or convenient before. It is only through CocoFax that you can deliver your faxes over the internet quite easily.

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