Best Video Editing App for Android in 2022 to Download

Best Video Editing App for Android

If you’ve come here to read the post, you might be looking for the best video editing app for Android. However, you might need to have a look at the ROI before fixing a budget range. No doubt, it can be a tough thing since you need to look after certain things.

Do you have a standard-quality camera on your smartphone? If yes, then it is a good thing. But a camera is not enough to make a good video and edit it easily. Moreover, you may need to do editing in your video, and one can’t publish it without using any application. Therefore, there will be a requirement of the best video editing software for social media. Or you might need to get on your computer and create further extensions in your project.

It is a good thing to have the best video editing app free installed upon your device. As per your video purpose and content requirement, choose a specific application. However, if you don’t find enough features to edit your video, you need to look at other options.

Well, you can find plenty of best video editing app free available to enjoy editing without spending much. Such apps can be beneficial in editing your videos without crossing your budget range too. You can easily download the app and start your editing journey.

List of the best video editing app for Android

With the following 20 trending options, you can easily do magic in your video. If you’re preparing a video for any social media site, you can edit it with additional features. For the best video editing app for Android, you can get the superior options here. Check out all the attractive options below:

  1. InShot
  2. Magisto
  3. PicPlayPost
  4. WeVideo
  5. Blender
  6. Shotcut
  7. Wondershare FilmoraGo
  8. Adobe Premiere Clip
  9. VSDC Free Video Editor
  10. Hyperlapse
  11. Splice
  12. Avidemux
  13. HitFilm
  14. Machete Video Editor Lite
  15. Quick
  16. KineMaster
  17. VivaVideo
  18. PowerDirector
  19. Lightworks
  20. VideoShow

In all these options, some apps are among the best social media video editing apps. Others are good for editing videos for free and the best video editing app for Android without watermark. You can check each of them according to their specific category below.

Best Video Editing App for Android

Best video editing app for Android

If you’re searching for the trending video editing apps available for Android, the best options are:


VideoShow is a free application compatible with Android and iOS too. With this app, you can easily edit the videos by adding more, creating aspects in it. If you want to cut and paste some scenes in your video, you can use it. Moreover, the application is among the award-winning options, with over 400 million app users. The app features stickers, filters, sound effects, music, and text overlays. For editing the vlog series, several producers use the app.

best video editing app for Android- KineMaster:

KineMaster is among the best video editing app for Android. It is a versatile editing app, and you can use it to edit different layers. Didn’t understand what is the additional layer editing? Video editors use great features for editing in the footage. An editor can use unlimited audio, handwriting, images, and text overlays in the video with multiple layers. You can also customize your video by changing the background and making it look stunning. Also, one can blend different footages.


PowerDirector is a masterpiece application suitable for Android and desktop. It is a robust application available for free video editing. With this app, you can create videos in 4D quality by adding footages from different devices. Some great features include collages, motion tracking, video stabilization, and so on. With the collages, you can use other pieces and add them to a single video. Also, motion tracking can help you to keep focussing on a particular object. Video stabilization is useful to remove any blur or shaky moments from your video. For adding voiceover, it can be a helpful app.


VivaVideo is the best video editing app for Android without a watermark. It is available for free editing on Android and iOS device. If you want to make edits at a professional level, then it is a perfect app. You can use your mobile phone to merge, trim, split, slow, speed-up, reverse image, and other features. It quickly performs all the editing without taking much time. In the app, some unique features include slideshow-maker and collage-maker. You can use several lenses to make new footage and perform editing directly in the footage.


Quick is a free application available for Android, iOS, and desktop. Famous GoPro develops the app, and it is open to editing videos directly from a GoPro camera. However, there is no limit to edit videos from other sources too. In a single project, one can easily add 75 images and clips to edit. If you want to edit your footage smartly, then it is a suitable app. In your media, you can easily use the app to manipulate videos using panoramic views and time-lapses. Presently, the app features around 20 stunning themes for enhancing your video footage.

Best Video Editing App for Android

Best video editing app for Android available for free

If you’re looking for free video editing apps compatible with your smartphone, then check the following:


WeVideo is a free application available for smartphone users. One can enjoy using the app for cloud-based editing purposes. It features advanced options like commercial music library, editing audio, 4k resolution video sharing, etc. In terms of functionality, the app is among the highest rank. One limitation is the availability of only 10GB cloud storage. For the videos of one-off footage, it is a suitable option. But for editing different videos, space might be an issue. Also, you can see the watermark with the free version.


Photo collage is always a cool trend among video editors. But what about video collages? PicPlayPost is a smartphone-compatible app that helps you make video collages. That sounds amazing! In the video collage, both video sounds will play together, making sure it doesn’t crash.


Splice is also a hot-trending app for video editing on social media sites. It has a limitation as it is compatible with iOS only. You can splice different clips together using your mobile and create a collage with this app. It also has a music library to use good audio in your video background. If you want to trim your video and edit a small part of it, you can do it with Splice.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

It is a popular video editing app suitable for all smartphone devices. If you want to add unique features to your video clips, then choose the app. It can automatically add the music in your video as per your preference. You can make customizable edits using the FreeForm editor in the app. If you want to add simple editing, then also it is a suitable app. It features simple splitting and trimming features too. Moreover, you can use the drag-and-drop feature to edit your video clips.

Best video editing software for social media

The following apps are available for easy editing in video clips suitable for your social media sites:


Blender is a smart application ideal for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It is not just a video editing app but a 3D animation appropriate software. One can use it for motion tracking, video modeling, and rendering purposes. For editing videos, significant features are available such as speed control, filters, and transitions. Also, you can use the adjustment layers to add to your clip. Whether editing video or audio clips, you can use 32 different slots within the app. For an incredible video, you can also use sound effects and images.

VSDC Free Video Editor:

VSDC Free Video Editor is compatible with windows only and available with a free version. When used by experienced video creators, it can be the best app to make a professional video. It is suitable to perform any formatting in the video clips. With the advanced effects, including color correction and object transformation, users can add enhanced videos. Also, the audio products, such as sound normalization and volume correction, are amazing ones.


Lightwork features a wide range of features for editing videos. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac versions. Among the video editing apps, it is a great option available with advanced functionality. Some famous films, including The King’s Speech, Pulp Fiction, and The Wolf of Wall Street, features videos edited in the Lightworks app.


Shotcut is another trending video editing software available for free. One can use the software to enhance videos and create professional clips. But it holds a complicated interface that is not much simple to use. It came into an introduction for Linux only that is not the same as standard Windows. However, it is compatible with windows, mac, and Linux platforms.


HitFilm is one of the coolest video editing apps available with visual effects. You can use the app to create video clips with 180 stunning results. If you want to edit your video clips with 3D animation, then it is a suitable app. For Windows and Mac users, it is a perfect option.

Machete Video Editor Lite:

With this free app, you can easily trim and split your video. Even copy and paste feature is also available with Machete Video Editor Lite. It is compatible with the Windows platform only. You can easily use the simple interface without getting stuck shuffling through different pages. In terms of quality, your video clips will remain high-quality after editing too. A significant limitation with the editor is it supports only WMV and AVI video formats. One can do no audio editing with the editor.


For the necessary edits in video clips, Avidemux is a suitable option. Moreover, it is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows users with a free version. If you’re a beginner, you can use it for formats such as MP4, DVD, AVI, QuickTime, and MPEG. Rotating and one can perform video flipping in the editor. You can also add subtitles, change brightness levels, and adjust color contrast.

best video editing app for Android- Magisto:

Another smart application suitable to edit videos for social media sites is Magisto. Moreover, it is available with a free version and compatible with the smartphone. You can enjoy the video automation feature in the app. Plus, you can create as many videos as you want with creative designs and stunning themes. In some simple steps, your video will be ready with all the edits. Firstly, select your style of video editing. Next step, choose the videos and photos to add to it; finally, choose suitable music from the in-built library.


Hyperlapse is an iOS application with a free version. You can brief the videos, add speed, and much more with the app. It sounds a cool thing as your videos will look unique in a hyper-lapse mode. One can chop a long video to a high-speed without deleting any part from it. If you’re looking for a great application with stunning features, then it is a perfect option.

Wondershare FilmoraGo:

If you want to begin with basic editing in your video, Wondershare FilmoraGo is a suitable option. Moreover, it works perfectly with Android and iOS devices. Plus, in terms of functionality, it is a great app. With the easy-mode, you can easily use great features such as music addition, drag-drop, and so on.

Video editing app for Android- InShot:

You might want an app to edit your video clips without any fancy features, collages, or splicing. For this purpose, InShot is a suitable application. Moreover, with this handy editor, you can do basic editing such as trimming, speeding-up, and so on. Therefore, if you want to make your video recorded with any particular music, then add it with InShot. Moreover, you can use this app on your smartphone with a free version.


In the final words, we can say that video editing is fun and thrilling with the right application. Moreover, it depends upon the user requirements, whether the best video editing app for Android is suitable or another one. Therefore, all the above-discussed apps are among the trending ones in 2020.