Best Apps for Stress-Free Travel Planning

Planning to travel is a lot of fun.

But it tends to be a lot more fun if you have a little bit of help.

Simply put—traveling is a process that’ll require you to venture out into unknown territory. In return, you get to discover new things, have an adventure, and engage your sense of ‘wonder’ and ‘excitement.’

But even though traveling has a lot of upsides, it still pays to enlist a bit of technological help.

And this is where travel apps come in.

Since phones have played a larger and larger role in our lives as humans, apps have swooped in to give us a bunch of tools that we might otherwise never have had the ability to use or try.

And there are a ton of travel apps that can actually make traveling around the world a lot less complex, and a lot more user-friendly.

So in this blog post, we’re going to dive into the process and help you to figure out exactly which apps might help you the most.

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Google Maps

You really can’t beat Google Maps.

This app has been tried, tested, and proven to be useful in almost any travel-related context.

Whether you just need to find your way to the grocery store, or input specific directions along a specific route, you truly can’t go wrong with downloading this app.

Plus, it’s free.

There’s just so much to love about this app. And it’s a no-brainer for traveling.

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2. PackPoint

PackPoint is a pretty awesome app that takes the majority of the hassle out of packing for a trip.


Well, you just enter your destination, as well as all applicable information (like the length of stay, travel dates, what you plan to do for activities, etc.). Then, the app generates a customized list of the stuff you’ll need to pack.

It even checks weather conditions for you, to give you everything you need to enjoy your destination without forgetting any of the essentials.

3. AllTrails

If you enjoy getting out into nature during your travels, then the AllTrails app is actually a MUST.

With this app, you’ll get to survey the area’s best hiking, biking, and running trails.

The app fetches all the important and necessary information for you, including trail length, best starting locations, trail quality, and more.

You can even read reviews of specific trails, found right on the app, to help you make the most of choosing trails for your getaway or vacation.


If you tend to fly a lot, then this app can actually give you the perfect opportunity to pass those ‘layovers’ with greater comfort and flexibility.

Basically, this app gives you access to hotel rooms on short notice during layovers for up to 75% less than the usual going rate.

It features over 5,000 hotels in 23 different countries, and it even allows you to make free cancellations at the last minute without penalty.

It’s actually an awesome way to get rooms for cheap on short notice, to make your layovers a lot more comfortable.

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Note: If you’ve lost your ID and are trying to get your flight situation handled without it, check out this article about how to fly or check into a hotel without it.

5. Headout

This app shows you the top attractions, shows, tours, and experiences in some of the most exciting cities in the world.

If you’re traveling and want to find out what kind of fun stuff is going on in your area, odds are good that if you’re located in a busy metropolis, Headout can hook you up and show you exactly what is going on, and where.

6. Hostelworld

If you’re a solo traveler and you enjoy staying at hostels and other communal spaces, then this app is perfect for you.

It basically shows you exactly where to find hostels, B&Bs, and communal spaces in over 178 different countries.

It even has a noticeboard that highlights events and meetups for solo travelers like yourself.


There you have it!

Some of the best apps for stress-free travel planning that have ever existed.

Now you’ve got some digital tools that’ll help to make your analog travel experiences that much more amazing.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to hit the open trail, partner!

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