The Top-Rated 6 Best Amazon Prime Series in India with Best Story Line

Best Amazon prime series

It’s been years that the best Amazon Prime series is ramping up their library of Original Web Series and Movies.

The Amazon prime series is continuously giving competition to other web series platforms like Netflix or Zee5.

The competition is at its pace because Binge-watching videos or web series has boomed in India and other countries like never before.

The membership of Amazon Prime series can be purchased in India at Rs 129/month, where they offer various genres of web series and movies.

Amazon Prime never goes a dearth of content, but if you are looking for some best web series in the market, this is the right place where you have stopped.

Best amazon prime series

Starting from the extension of lockdown to easing the curbs of COVID-19 restrictions, Amazon prime series has never disappointed to ease your restrictions.

Below is the list of the top 6 best amazon prime series that you can never miss out. The web series includes everything that starts from cricket to feminism and a bit of everything.

Now the wait is over. Come and explore the world of drama, comedy, and suspense and enjoy the creative and original content of the Best Amazon Prime Series.

1. Mirzapur

Is there some name other that we can start from? One of the best web series and a strong reply to Netflix’s Sacred Games. Mirzapur has got all the elements that one Indian crime thriller needs essentially.

The lead role with the character Kaleen Bhaiya has got Pankaj Tripathi, one of the strong central character.

Kaleen Bhaiya binds all the other characters of the series in the town Mirzapur,

where he is the Businessman, and Don both who runs the state and his commands and orders are set in stone.

What makes the series a must-watch for all the viewers is its plot. How the entire plot connects too many stories that run parallelly in one line, and that is associated with occasional twists.

Matching the perfection of the star cast to that of the character and their performance, Mirzapur has got everything with varied themes and should not be missed.

2. Paatalok

Ever felt like you can’t stop watching a show? The same rush happened while watching Anushka Sharma’s production house’s Paatal Lok. Your perfect chai partner.

The show is lit with the right elements of how the investigate cop crime thriller takes you to every corner of a real crime world.

The oomph of the nine-episode multilayered show is such high as it demonstrates the inner plots and traps of the character.

The befitting Netflix’s Sacred Games has got a tough competitor from one of the best Amazon Prime series that makes us remind of amorality from the inner self.

Paatal Lok has tones of mythology along with the impact that our culture and society get, especially in rural areas.

The show marvelously covers the battles that India is facing due to caste beliefs and violence due to mob mafias.

The more we, the less we cover, moving the flashlight to Jaideep Ahlawat, who portrayed the character of Hathi Ram Chaudhary, is a gem.

A Delhi based cop who fits perfectly for the role with his rawness, vulnerable and robust acting skills, balances the show along with veterans like Neeraj Kabi, Swastika Mukherjee, makes the show worth watching.

3.The Family Man Best Amazon prime series

The name says it all. The Family Man has protagonist Srikant Tiwari (Character played by Manoj Tiwari) on-screen performance put the screen on fire.

The Family is a drama with pinches of action and has light sequences of comedy.

Srikant Tiwari is our common everyday man who works as an intelligence agent in a branch of the National Intelligence Agency.

He has a very agile decision-making tendency through which he excels in catching the terrorists who threaten the militants and maintain peace in the country.

Srikant has got its dynamic team, who, along with Srikant, sets out to stop the terror and stay a step ahead of the terrorists.

Throughout all the fuss that is created in the country, the man stays with his personal life that got impacted and affected by his not so fixed-job routine, but he got himself managed with his notorious son and a confused wife.

So, the story is a must-watch for everyone.

4. Made in Heaven

It is known popularly to be the best Amazon prime’s web series. The plot of Made in heaven is an agency that is run by two wedding planners.

Every episode unfolds the issue that modern marriages are suffering, starting from impotence to celebrities creating a stir.

Throughout the entire series, the protagonists suffer from the emotional battles that they need to untie in their lives.

It is remarkable how they discovered the bride, groom, and their closed one on the day of their wedding and faces unexpected issues.

The catch here is how the wedding planners solve the issues and get through the wedding successfully and saves the day.

Superb narration, brilliant characters, spiced up with the modern-day dilemmas would make your day and is worth watching the series.

5. Breathe

With the debut of South and Bollywood superstar Madhavan in the world web series, breathe is for all those crime thriller lovers who can grab their seats to bite their nails in every twist.

The theme of the series shows how far a man can go to protect his loved one. Danny’s (Madhavan) emotions got unfold through the series, where he seeks a donor for his terminally ill son.

The catch here is the game between the police and the criminal. The senior inspector Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh), is all after Danny and makes him cross all the lines.

Viewers have appealed for the second season of Breath, and they can’t wait to see what’s next in the race and who crosses the Final Line first.

6. Inside Edge

The BCCI has postponed the IPL, so we have got the perfect partner to crunch your cricket night cravings.

The dark side of IPL that has money, fame, glamour, and crime is the perfect blend of India’s largest T20 cricket league IPL that is perfectly reeled.

Inside Edge showcases the reality that the Power Play League under houses of Mumbai Maverick does under cover of a game. Not stopping to this a lot has got its way.

One of the best Amazon Prime series has got the screenplay tightly captured with a skimmed plot showing multiple characters that shows all the puppets of politics, power, and paisa!

Countless are the reasons why you should go for binge-watch every episode of the series as the decisions of the cricket team owners along with the reason why they choose to decide so and the twists and outcomes of their decision makes it worth your time.

Conclusion about Best Amazon prime series

So, all those who are looking for the best Amazon Prime series, the above list gives you a hint with which series you can start to watch the show.

Just remember, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime member to avail of the streaming series and watch the shows of the list.

If you haven’t been a member yet, what’s holding you back? Grab the phone be a Prime member, and start watching the shows.

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