Benefits of Using an Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature

In today’s digital world, traditional methods of validating and assigning different documents are being overshadowed by technological advancements, for example, digital signatures and electronic signature.

These services are a step towards paperless solutions where you cannot only sign the documents but also save them permanently. If you do not know much about e-signatures, here is the perfect place to learn about them. Keep on reading to find out what exactly is meant by electronic signatures and what their benefits are.

What is an electronic signature?

It is defined as an electronic form of data that is used to execute signatures on electronic documents. In other words, they are a characteristic mark in the electronic form which verifies a particular document.

These signatures are very much similar to pen and paper signatures. The only difference is that they are done using a mouse pad, touchpad, or a stylus pen.

You can find a number of electronic signature services providers online such as CocoSign, which provides the best e-signature free online for a 14-day trial period.

CocoSign allows you to streamline your documents, keep their track, and share with multiple parties for signing at the same time.

Also, the documents signed or validated through Cocosign are legally binding. Due to its extraordinary features, many renowned outlets such as Forbes, TechAdvisor, and New York Times have featured it multiple times.

Other than CocoSign, you can find the number of e-solution services online, but it is always the best to choose the one recommended & used by the professionals.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Signature

Simple and easy to use

E-signatures involve no rocket science. In fact, they are effortless. Various online solutions offer a user-friendly interface. One such solution is CocoSign. If you visit CocoSign official website, you will be surprised to see how easy it is to navigate through different sections.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Signature

With their system, you can upload different documents, sign them, share them with multiple parties, or invite them to sign online by sharing the link. Once the recipient completes signing, you get a notification. It’s that simple.

Note that you can download the documents in your device or save them online in the dashboard for later use.

High level of security

Undoubtedly traditional paper documentation is much riskier because your documents are mostly shipped to other places or moved by hand within the organization.

This makes the tempering of paper and the stealing of information very likely. But if you use electronic signatures, multiple layers of security protect the esign solutions.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Signature

They are designed in a way that no third party can access them, unless you personally allow it. Moreover, they enable you to track the whole process, for example, who signed the document, when and where it was signed, how many times was your document opened?

This much stronger and enforceable security makes the electronic signatures the best go-to choice.

Cost-effective electronic signature

Most of the e-signature solutions offer budget-friendly subscription plans. Some of these offer you a free trial period before you purchase the subscription to get familiar with the system and all its features to know if it caters to all your needs.

Here we are using CocoSign as an example; if you visit its official website, you will find a 14 days free trial period. During this free trial, most of the features are accessible.

Moreover, electronic signatures are more cost-effective than traditional pen and paper methods because they save you money on toner, papers, postage, mailing supplies, and shipment. All of these expenses, if added annually, save you quite a lot of money.

Streamline document flow

When you integrate the e-signature solutions with different tools or subscribe to a solution that offers you all-in-one service, you can print, scan, forward, save, and download the documents.

You can also keep the track when the signatures were initiated and when the whole process was completed?

You can also save the documents in the dashboard with their name in categories and subcategories for later use. All of this helps you manage the workflow and get rid of searching various file cabinets and piles on your desk to find the relevant document.

Increase productivity

When you electronically sign the papers (contracts or agreements), you can win various deals. The whole process can be done in just a few minutes, making your business more productive and allowing you to close more deals.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Signature

For instance, once you have discussed the project with the party, you do not need to get a print, sign, scan and then fax it back to the party to get their signatures.

All you need is to sign in to your account of e-signature solutions, create a document electronically, sign it and forward it to the next party.

As soon as the party signs the papers, you get notified, and there you go, your deal is done. This faster turnaround gives excellent versatility to businesses and increases productivity up to a great extent.