Benefits of getting in touch with a Title IX defense lawyer

If you have been accused of sexual harassment in your college or university, title IX disciplinary actions can be taken against you. The process is quite critical and complex and you may face several challenges when you set out to defend yourself. You may even get suspended, expelled, or transferred to some other college. This will have a negative impact on your career and you may find it difficult to get employment in the future. Therefore, it is very crucial that you hire a Lento Law Firm Title IX defense lawyer immediately after being accused of sexual misconduct.


  • Vast knowledge and experience: A Title IX lawyer has a wide range of knowledge regarding the rights of an accused and steps that need to be taken in order to prevent him from facing severe consequences. Your lawyer can even evaluate the procedures of your school, identify impartial behavior, provide you with necessary tips, etc.
  • Protect your legal rights: Your attorney will make sure that even when you have been accused of sexual misconduct, your legal rights are not violated throughout the proceedings. He will be there to speak on your behalf, ensuring that you do not give any statement that may be used against you during the journey. Your Title IX lawyer will try his best to provide you with fair treatment during all stages of the investigation.
  • Helping you understand the proceedings: When you have been accused of Title IX violations, you will have to go through certain specific procedures that have been set by your educational institute. And at times, you might not be able to understand some legal processes and hence, your skilled attorney who is already familiar with these processes will not only guide you but will also make sure that you feel comfortable and secure throughout the journey.
  • Help in the investigation: Your attorney will conduct his own research and investigation. He will even gather evidence, record the statement of the witnesses and examine your case carefully.
  • Negotiate on your part: Your defense attorney has better negotiation skills and he can help resolve the matter quickly.
  • Provide emotional support: Your attorney will not only help you in legal matters but he will even help you emotionally and lessen some of your stress and anxiety.

However, you must keep in mind that every Title IX attorney is different, and therefore, you must hire someone with good track record.