All the ways to level up and speed up the experience gain in Final Fantasy 14 that you might not know about

Final Fantasy is one of the most promising MMO RPGs in the gaming industry due to the close interweaving of competition with World of Warcraft, cutting-edge graphics and connection with the single-player FF universe, which is so loved by players around the world.

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Ways to gain experience and level up in Final Fantasy 14

Story quests

Final Fantasy 14 has one of the strongest features in the form of perhaps the most thoughtful storyline, which interestingly reveals and complements the history of the single player, tells it beautifully and cinematically and demonstrates the role of the player himself in it with the help of the created character’s avatar.

According to the developers themselves from SQUARE ENIX, the process of completing all the story missions will take at least 100 hours of real time.

The essence of such quests lies in several things at once:

Firstly, this is an opportunity for game developers to convey all the main mechanics of FF 14 to the players using the method of unobtrusive training that goes through various quests.

Secondly, this is the most stable source of experience, due to the continuous chain of interesting tasks that continue to open depending on the game level.

Thirdly, it is a constant increase in equipment and weapons, as well as materials, potions and other useful items that form the character’s combat capability.

Secondary quests

If story quests are classic quests to destroy mobs and gather resources in exchange for stable and fixed experience and gils, then secondary quests are something else.

First of all, these are additional quests that should not be taken as standalone sources of experience.

As a reward, experience and gils often come, but not in such a large amount as during the completion of the main tasks.

The main advantage and the correct scenario of such tasks is the combination with the storyline and the closing of all quests at once for more efficient pumping and extraction of gils.

Daily errands

Each player in FF 14 will receive additional assignments that are valid for one game day, and if you manage to complete all the tasks within the specified time, you can get good experience and gils, but it is worth remembering that all quests except the storyline are additional activities, and it is advisable to complete them if the game location is suitable for both quests, and you can squeeze the maximum experience and gils out of them.

Hunting sheets

Sheets that are posted in all cities with a list of monsters to kill and bring confirmation of success to a certain NPC in order to receive a reward. Like other secondary quests, it is advisable to consider them as an additional source of experience, not the main one and not get hung up on such errands.

Beast Tribe Quests

Such quests are needed to help the tribe and get special tokens and experience. First of all, of course, players take such orders for the sake of tokens, which will allow them to purchase additional consumables, but the experience will also be good if a large number of those same tokens are accumulated.


FATE are spontaneous events in the world of FF 14, in which monsters begin to appear from other worlds and players from all over the server flock to attack them.

The advantage of this format is that you can get a quick increase in experience simply by being at the right time, in the right place.

The downside is that there will be a lot of people who want to kill their monster, and the experience coefficient is calculated taking into account the total damage that you inflicted on it, that is, you need at least one hit to gain experience, but the total% will be insignificant. In the ideal format, you just need to kill monsters yourself and do it quickly, so if you don’t have strong enough equipment and character yet, then don’t waste your time hustling with other players, but take care of quests or dungeons.


Dungeons are one of the main activities in any MMO RPG that allows you to constantly gain experience and equipment by killing difficult bosses and their retinues.

You have to gather your group, or join a ready one, go to the boss’s lair, defeat the head of the dungeon and collect the entire reward, including experience with equipment that drops out randomly.

Ways to increase the amount of experience you will receive

Eat food – any food in Final Fantasy 14 has value, because in addition to certain characteristics, it also brings a 3% bonus to experience gained.

Rest in shrines and resting places – a character who is full of energy and does not feel tired has an overall increase in experience gained.

Join a Guild – Most guild-style communities have many passive and active bonuses, and one of them is a gain in overall experience.

Gain experience and get closer to the final levels to try out the most interesting and challenging content on your own, or together with the Skycoach service.