Advantages of international money transfers online

Previously, in order to send money transfers, one had to apply to banking institutions, stand in line and spend time collecting all the necessary documents. Today, you can make all the financial transactions you need online, using the most convenient device for you.

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How to send a money transfer online

To send money online, all you need to do is become a VelurPay customer. To do this, users will be asked to go through a very simple registration process. The procedure takes a minimum of time. Whereas when applying to a typical banking institution, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to go through a complicated procedure.

Once you become a VelurPay client, you can send international transfers on the most favorable terms for yourself. You only need to enter the sender’s data and the recipient’s data. You also specify the desired amount and currency in which you want to send funds. Everything is as simple and clear as possible.

If you are sending international transfers online for the first time, you can use the help of managers. Consultations are available to each client at any time of the day or night. Specialists will be happy to answer all the questions that interest you, as well as help with the implementation of a financial transaction.

Benefits of VelurPay

VelurPay allows you to not only send a money transfer, but also use a number of other services. All this – on the most favorable terms. After all, it is VelurPay that offers the most competitive rates on the market. So you don’t overpay. You can also make international VelurPay money transfers without hidden fees, as is often the case when working with other banking institutions.

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You can also safely send international money transfers online without fear of losing funds. After all, the company uses advanced technology. So all transactions are completely confidential, and all data remains encrypted.

Now each client can send an international money transfer per day. No more delays, which is extremely important for both individuals and companies. You can send an international money transfer online literally anywhere in the world. After all, transfers are available in more than 120 countries around the world. Customers can receive international money transfers in over 39 currencies. So the possibilities are truly endless. If you need to receive an international money transfer online or want to transfer money to family, friends, employees or partners, we recommend using VelurPay.

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