9 Lesser known techniques only the best content marketers know

techniques content marketers know

In content marketing, consistency in implementing the right practices is the best solution for long-term success. There is a huge demand for content. That’s why many content marketers rely on the content as the major source to drive more traffic while building a profitable online business. Want to know more about creating better content and content promotion? Here are the 9 lesser known techniques that only expert content marketers know.

  1. Know your audience

Before creating successful and interactive content, you need to know your audience. You will not get many conversions and sales if the content you create is not of their interest.

When writing for the target audience, you need to create relevant content as per their requirements and interests to solve the consumer’s problem. That’s how you can engage more consumers to your website.

  1. Strategize for each blog post

You may write the best content in your next blog post. But if your audience does not reach it, it’s most likely to disappear in the vast ocean of information on the internet. So, it is imperative to make a proper strategy for each blog post before publishing it.

As per your website demographics and visitor’s engagement, your social media manager must publish the blog post when most of your audience is online. Usually, Facebook users are online on Fridays from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Knowing your audience also gives you a clear idea of what blogs and websites they regularly visit and what sort of content and social media channels they use the most. Based on this information, you can create a targeted blog post for your audience.

  1. Become an early practitioner

You need to be an early practitioner to follow the new social media and content marketing trends as soon as they hit the industry. This way, you’ll always stay ahead of your competitors.

Here are a few tips to consider when distributing your content:

  • Before distributing your content, build rapport with other channel members. However, don’t do too much self-promotion.
  • Interact frequently and stay active with other channel members.
  • Read articles shared by other members to know what latest is going on in the online content marketing world.
  1. Create shareable content

When you become the source of shareable content or data, you can easily push your content to a certain group of people who are most likely to relate and engage with your content.

First of all, choose a few top-ranking content pieces dealing with the same topic you want to share. Also, see what information is outdated about those topics.

After that, reach out to the content creators and tell them that you have the updated content dealing with a similar topic. So, the likelihood of them checking out your content and sharing it becomes higher.

  1. Design an efficient workflow

While scaling your content formation efforts, it is important to create a process to manage a proper content creation workflow. It is done to ensure everything runs smoothly. Without an efficient workflow and plan, you will most likely neglect the quality of content.

So, marketers must outline a framework that details the assignment of topics, content ideation, and content approval, review, and publication.

It is vital to form systems for content creation workflow to share documents and files for keeping the process on track.

  1. Invest in high-caliber content creators

When you invest in high-caliber content creators, such as in-house or freelance writers, you can improve your content production without compromising quality. Find good writers who are capable of creating high-quality content that meets your brand’s tone and style.

The brands must also assign a content manager or internal editor, who knows the brand’s voice to help the content meet quality standards. By outsourcing/assigning content to writers, you can free up time for your editors so that they can brainstorm and come up with new topic ideas.

  1. Create interactive content

There are so many benefits of creating interactive content. It is highly engaging for online users. It acts as a strong medium for marketers to gather data. The interactive content also increases conversion rate and lead generation.

Some easy yet effective ways to create interactive content are creating engaging infographics, graphs and charts, GIFs, interactive videos, polls, surveys, etc., created by professional web design companies.

  1. Start outreach before publishing

Start an outreach campaign before hitting the publish button. It has many benefits such as building brand awareness and building links to a digital piece. You can check out Digitalspotlight.com to know more about their digital marketing services.

The purpose of outreach is to provide something amazing to your audience. It can even provide you clarity about what to add and what to avoid while creating content.

  1. Distribute/market your content

Once you have created high-quality content, it’s time to distribute it online. You can do that by marketing your content online via outreach (we discussed in previous point), sharing on social media platforms, and sharing it with influencers in your industry.

This way, you create more possibilities for making your content reach wider audiences in different parts of the world.


Content marketing is a serious matter. You have to constantly find new ways to improve your content reach. You need to be dedicated and creative while being persistent in content creation over time.