8 Tips For Beginners Makes Work Easier On Mac

Tips to Work On Mac

Mac is one of the most powerful devices that can help to increase productivity. On the same side, it is a little complicated, if you are using it for the first time. There can be complications related to eye-catchy writing, searching quickly, displaying or hiding particular information, and more. You need to spend lots of time dealing with these issues. Therefore, to save your quality time, here we have discussed eight tips for novices. Learn these tips for beginners to work easier on Mac.

  1. Hide Your Dock by Default

Finding docks at the bottom or on top of the screen seems daunting, especially when you do not want it. These docks can affect your screen appearance. Therefore, if you are looking for an option to avoid watching these docks. Here is a solution for you. Right-click on the Apple menu and select system preferences. You can also click on system preference at the bottom. A system preference window will appear. Choose docks and menu bar > click on the checkbox to automatically hide or show the dock. A tick on the box can automatically hide the menu from the bar. Now, you can enjoy fullscreen and whenever you want to operate the menu bar scroll the cursor down, a menu bar will automatically appear.

  1. Move Your Dock to the Side

Whether you want to hide or not your documents, there are more ways you can play with the menu bar. The best one is to move the dock menu bar at your convenience. There is an option in the system preferences to set the menu bar vertically or horizontally on top, right, or left of the screen. Try all these positions once and the one that suits you most select for your display screen.

  1. Install fonts on Mac

The most common usage of Mac that no one can deny is writing. Whether you are using a Mac for personal or professional usage, there are many occasions when you need to write some information on Microsoft word. But writing with the same 80s or 90s fonts styles seems a daunting task. Therefore to make your writing more impressive you can quickly install fonts on your Mac. As you are a newbie you can also refer to this guide to know how to install font applications. The best part is that these fonts can work not only on word but on all other writing software. The amazing color options can turn your black and white text into attractive styles.

  1. Open Finder With a Keyboard Shortcut
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A finder tool on Mac helps to find any files or folder without struggling with here and there clicks. The finder tool on mac has many advantages like you can find files fast, no issue of duplicate files, and helps to tag files. So, if you are looking for how to use this amazing tool, keep in mind, click on Cmd + Option + Space. A dialogue box will appear on your screen. You can easily reach any file in a few seconds. Hence, this option is perfect for beginners to save time on looking for files.

  1. Use Stack

The stack is an amazing option to save space on a desktop. Stack means when you create or store files under one file. It works the same as creating a folder and saving all media files there. Using a stack on your desktop won’t look boring and, but seems more organized than ever. Therefore, the stack is a perfect technique to save files in a limited area on a desktop. You can create stack files according to type, modified, or other metadata. To activate the stack, right-click on the desktop and use the stack.

  1. Take Advantage of Virtual Desktops

A virtual desktop is a great option to use multiple screens at the same time. If you have never enjoyed multiple screens on the Windows system, you can take advantage of it with a Mac. if you are using the touchpad, just swipe the pad with three fingers and you can easily toggle between screens. Moving to a new window you can enjoy a fresh desktop experience. You can create more than two screens also for different searches and task completion on the same system.

  1. Use Siri
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People use Siri on iPad or iPhone, but forget that Siri is also available on Mac. You can use Siri on macBook Pro the way you are using it on other iDevices. Siri is available on the touch bar at MacBook pro and on other models, check on the right side of the menu bar. Siri can make your many tasks easier and searches simple. All you need to do is ask simple questions likes;

  • Show my Downloads folder
  • FaceTime Bob
  • How fast is my Mac?
  • Make the screen brighter
  • What will be tomorrow’s weather?
  • And so on
  1. Capture screenshots

Sometimes you need to save important documents from the internet or other mode, rather than writing everything, the screenshot is a quick solution to save information. How to capture screenshots? Here we have some ways;

  • Press command + shift + 3 to capture complete screen
  • Press command + shift + 4, to capture part of the screen. While pressing the given command you will see a crosshair appear, drag the crosshair to the area where you want to capture.
  1. Bring on the Emojis!

If you belong to Gen Z or Millennial, you will surely be a big fan of exciting emojis. The amazing shapes of emojis help to convey a message that you will find annoying work for writing. Now you will be glad to know that emojis are not only restricted to your mobile apps, you can also use emojis on your Mac. just press Control + Command + Space. Apple’s extensive emojis collection will appear on your screen. You can use these emojis in any place you like.

Some More Mac Usage Tips?

Using these tips will help you to work on Mac and improve work productivity. If you have used these tips, keep in mind that still there are more for your help like Search Fast with Spotlight, Split Screens, and use Multi-Touch Gestures.

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