7 Signs You May Need Slab Foundation Repair in Winston-Salem

Slab Foundation Repair

The slab foundation underneath your home or business can often go undetected until there are issues, such as cracks in the foundation and uneven floors. The good news is that slab foundation repair in Winston-Salem can help get your home or business back to its former self in no time at all. Here are some signs that you may need slab foundation repair in Winston-Salem.

1. Cracks Are Visible

One of the most obvious signs that you may need slab foundation repair is visible cracks. If you notice your walls or basement floors have fine cracks across them, it’s time to look into foundation repair. These cracks are due to earth movement and shifting, which can lead to much more serious problems if left unchecked. A crack might seem like a small problem, but they can quickly become larger issues that affect every room in your home or office space.

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2. Wet Areas Appear in the Basement

If you find water seeping up into your basement, chances are your home’s foundation has suffered a serious problem. When part of your foundation begins to sink or crack, it can cause significant structural damage, which results in leaking and even flooding. It is important to repair your foundation as soon as possible because ignoring it could lead to a much more serious problem later on. The best way to avoid costly repairs down the road is by making sure you have your slab checked for problems before they become serious issues. For example, if moisture is beginning to appear around your doors and windows but there isn’t any water inside your home, it might be a sign that something under your slab needs attention.

3. The House is Shifting or Moving

Most people notice their home is shifting when they start to hear weird noises and feel mild vibrations coming from underneath their house. When your slab foundation begins to shift, it means that cracks are beginning to form in your foundation’s structure. If you don’t get these cracks repaired right away, you could end up with more serious problems like a major foundation crack or even a complete collapse of your home.

4. Flooring Warps Upwards

Is your home’s flooring buckling upwards, rather than lying flat? If so, you may have a slab foundation issue. The most common cause of warped floors is a problem with your house’s foundation. As water seeps into cracks and holes in concrete foundations, it can cause moisture to build up underneath floorboards and subfloors over time—eventually warping them upward as it freezes and thaws out. This isn’t just an aesthetic concern; it can also lead to structural issues like sagging floors or walls that no longer align properly with one another.

5. Doors Don’t Close Properly

Doorknobs, locks and hinges on your exterior doors may not work well if there is damage to your home’s foundation. To test whether there’s a problem with your slab foundation, close all of your exterior doors, from top to bottom. If you have trouble closing any of them, it could be an indication that you need slab foundation repair in Winston-Salem. This can happen for several reasons: poor craftsmanship during construction; soil settling around your house; or water damage causing cracks in your concrete walls. If you suspect that one or more of these problems might be at play, it’s time to contact a professional for an inspection.

6. Heating & Cooling Costs Increase Dramatically

If your heating and cooling bills are significantly higher than they used to be, a slab foundation may be to blame. This type of foundation doesn’t allow for proper air circulation. As a result, cool air can’t escape or hot air enters – resulting in high energy costs and uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home. An increase in noise could also indicate a slab foundation problem.

7. You Hear Cracking Sounds

If you hear cracking sounds near your home, listen closely—it may indicate that water is seeping through your foundation. If you don’t do anything about it quickly, it could lead to bigger problems down the road. It’s best to call a foundation repair company right away if you suspect any problems with your slabs. Most cracks can be fixed by injecting epoxy into them. But if they are deeper than 1/4 inch or there are multiple cracks in different areas of your house, it may be time for a full slab replacement. In some cases, only part of your slab needs replacing; ask an expert to evaluate all of your options before making any decisions. Your goal should be to prevent serious damage from occurring; otherwise, you could end up spending thousands more on repairs later on.

Most homeowners will pay around $4,743 to repair foundation issues. It’s important to catch it early before it turns into something bigger and more expensive. So if you think you might need slab foundation repair in Winston-Salem, call today for an inspection. Your foundation is critical so it’s not a DIY repair, leave it to the professionals.