6 Reasons for Installing Programmable Thermostats for your Clients

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Installing Programmable Thermostats are one of the biggest breakthroughs in commercial and residential HVAC control technology. They are quickly becoming a standard, as they provide your clients with the comfort of being able to easily set the temperature in their homes or office spaces. However, there’s more for installing a programmable thermostat than just the improved and easier control.

Installing programmable thermostats to your client’s residential or commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is able to bring severa very important benefits to the table. See why advising your clients for Installing a programmable thermostat is an excellent idea, as explained by HVAC professionals.

1. Better temperature control

Installing a programmable thermostat allow your customers to set the preferred temperature in their home, and not worry about it. They won’t have to make any manual changes once setting their ideal temperature, as the HVAC system will always keep the temperature locked on their preferred setting.

2. Financial savings

Turning your HVAC system up or down by just a single degree can increase or reduce your customer’s energy bills by roughly 2%. With a programmable thermostat, your customers could set it so that it automatically shifts the temperature based on their occupancy habits, significantly reducing their energy consumption in the process.

3. Improved convenience and comfort

Installing a programmable thermostat make it possible for your customers to customize the Temperature monitoring system of their homes with a high degree of precision and without any deviations. This guarantees round-the-clock comfort, as well as the added convenience of not having to constantly fiddle with the thermostat in order to get the temperature “just right”.

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4. Lower energy consumption

High energy savings is another huge benefit that programmable thermostats bring into your customers’ homes. It is possible for your customers to save as much as twenty to thirty percent of their energy consumption by setting the thermostat to turn off when they’re sleeping or taking a walk.

5. Less wear and tear on the HVAC system

No matter how careful your customers are when using manual thermostats, they will inevitably end up working their HVAC systems more than they should. Programmable thermostats require a lot fewer daily and weekly operations, which means your customers will place a lot less stress on their HVAC units.

6. Bleeding-edge hi-tech tools

The most modern models of programmable thermostats come equipped with a wide array of high-tech tools, such as apps that allow your customers to control the thermostat from their laptops or mobile devices, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity for various additional functions. This is a great way for your clients to keep track of their HVAC system even when they’re away on vacation.

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