5 Ways To Repurpose A Blog Post For Social Media Success

5 Ways To Repurpose A Blog Post For Social Media Success

Many business owners fail to see the true value of having a blog on their website. Yes, continually adding high-value content to your website is excellent for your SEO – but it doesn’t have to end there. In fact, a single blog post can go from being one piece of content to many.

If you’ve been struggling to come up with fresh content ideas for your social media channels, stick about and give this a read. Here are 5 ways to repurpose a single blog post for social media success.

Turn your blog post into a YouTube video

So, you’ve got a lovely, in-depth blog post packed full of high-value information. That’s great for your prospective customers who like to read; but what about the visual learners who better digest information through the medium of video?

It’s simple: turn your blog posts into compelling videos.

Set up a camera, make yourself look all pretty, clear your throat and start babbling away!

In most cases you can simply read your blog post word for word. However, if you’d prefer to be more casual you could use your blog post as a point of reference and ad-lib from there, sticking to the primary facts – the juicy bits.

Why not give it a go?

Break your blog down into multiple Tweets

Every blog post you write can be condensed down into a few key bullet points. This can give you an awesome opportunity to create a series of Tweets for your business’s Twitter account.

Let’s say you are writing a blog post on the “10 Benefits Of Working With A Local SEO Expert In Texas – That means you can turn one single blog post into ten unique Tweets!

Not bad, eh?

Screenshot your Tweets and turn them into an Instagram Reel

Once you’ve created and published those Tweets, you can screen grab them and upload them to your Instagram account. You could either publish these individually like you did the Tweets, or compile all of the points into an Instagram reel.

Visual content > short and concise and easy to consume > high value.

Promote your blog posts on Facebook

And of course, you can keep it simple and share your blog posts on Facebook and then give them a boost with some promotional ads. This will invariably get more eyes on your blog post and you can use Facebook’s highly sophisticated targeting capabilities – thus getting your blog post in front of your ideal target audience.

You may even end up getting multiple shares, comments, and likes which all contributes to your broader online awareness.

Break down your blog-writing process on LinkedIn

Finally, one great way to engage with your audience on LinkedIn – especially if you are in the B2B industry – is to break down your blog-writing process on LinkedIn.

For example, you could create a carousel with multiple slides guiding your audience through the blog-writing process from start to finish.

If you have some industry-expert secrets in there which can help others create similarly awesome content, you’ll likely gain more followers – whilst demonstrating to your target audience that you know your stuff.

Everybody wins!

Conclusion: A blog post is so much more than a blog post

The key takeaway from this article is that a blog post is so much more than just a blog post! It has the potential to be repurposed into so many different things. You could even turn the blog post into a visual infographic for Pinterest! The options are (more or less) endless.

So, head over to your blog now. Go through some of your older articles that are sitting collecting dust and see what you can come up with.