5 Ways to Make Your Family House Greener

People are seriously puzzled about the issue of environmental heritage. The impact that we have on the planet and thereby on ourselves has driven us into a difficult situation. It is almost impossible to fix the harm made over the past two centuries. All of humanity needs to think about their actions to reduce the damage done to nature. You don’t even need to be a millionaire for that, just start with yourself. How to make your home more environmentally friendly?

1#. Green your apartment
The advice seems elementary, but many people neglect it. There is simply no free space for living plants.
Instead of a natural source of pure oxygen, people surround themselves with technology, excessive decor, and useless things. Everyday hectares of forests around the world are cut down, plants are built, and the number of cars is constantly increasing, so all this gradually reduces the amount of oxygen in the air.
Therefore, give preference to plants, rather than harmful plastic that secretes additional toxins. Turn your home into a small ecological fortress, in which you will be able to breathe at least a little easier, asking yourself the question, “Should I date my best friend?”

2#. Use green materials
At the repair stage, don’t try to save money when buying cheap paint with lead or a synthetic finish. If ten years ago, it was incredibly expensive to build an environmentally friendly house, now almost everyone can afford it. Almost every element at any stage can be replaced by a harmless analog. For example, you can
find insulation made from natural materials. Its price will not differ significantly from ordinary basalt, polyester or glass wool plates, and its characteristics will even surpass some of them. For example, natural
flax insulation is excellent for sound and heat insulation. It allows you to maintain the optimal temperature for a long time, adjust the level of humidity, and is great for walls, floors, and roofs. Flax is not only safe for health but also a natural antiseptic that helps maintain a favorable microclimate in the house. This is just
one component. Now imagine how much more environmentally friendly the house will become if you initially care about the choice of safe building materials.

3#. Install a ventilation system
Yes, there may be a semblance of it in your house already, but most often, it should be better changed or modified. Its effectiveness is almost zero, which is why the air in the apartment like apartments for rent in pompano beach fl stagnates and gets a musty odor.That is why people open the windows when there is not enough air at home. A high-quality ventilation system will allow air to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide. Modern systems do not just
drive air out, but they are equipped with additional filters that exclude or minimize the ingress of harmful compounds into the house. Sleep, general well-being, humidity level and, as a result, absence of mold and fungus directly depend on air quality.

4#. Install water filters
Water is a chemical compound that can easily enter chemical reactions with other elements. Given this fact, imagine how many different impurities it draws, while it reaches you through all pipes. This water can cause serious food poisoning and infectious diseases. Bottled water is often even worse: at best, it went the same way. Therefore, for your own comfort and health, you should better install a high-quality water filter.
Water constantly circulates in the ecosystem along with all reagents and gases, so you need to clean it for safe use in everyday life.

5#. Do not use toxic detergents
To satisfy the needs of customers and provide them with cleaning qualities of detergents, promised in advertising, manufacturers add half of the periodic table to them. Some of them are so toxic that they need to be used in the uniforms of Chernobyl liquidators. Otherwise, there will be chemical burns or a rash on the hands, and irritation from fumes on the mucous membrane. But you can’t get off so easily: they partially
absorb or cover the surfaces, after which they will continue to poison your body on a small scale. The stronger the detergent is, the more chemistry it contains and, accordingly, it is more dangerous. Do not poison yourself in your own house especially if you share it with a beloved person.