5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Instantly Turning Your Visitors Off

5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Instantly Turning Your Visitors Off

Are you receiving a fair amount of traffictraffic through your website but it appears that most of those users abandon the search almost immediately? If that’s the case, there could be a few simple fixes that can significantly reduce your drop off rate.

Read on and we’ll share 5 reasons why your website is instantly turning your visitors off…

1 – It takes forever and a day to load

The modern consumer is becoming more and more impatient by the day and if your website takes too long to load, they’ll likely abandon your website for one of your competitors.

For example, for websites that load within 1-second, they typically have a 7% bounce rate. That probability climbs to 32% at 3-seconds…so you can imagine what it’s like at 5-seconds and beyond.

So, invest in better hosting, compress those images, reduce your text, and do everything else you can to dial-in those numbers and get your website loading as quickly as possible! It will make a huge impact on your bounce rate – and indeed your conversions.

2 – Content that auto plays

Websites that have content that plays automatically (especially adverts) are very intrusive. The fact is, your website visitors should have the right to choose whether or not they have their ears violated by a loud and sudden video reel.

Want to keep the bounce rate down? Ditch the auto play content immediately.

3 – No mobile optimization

Responsiveness is critical in the modern digital age – particularly because the majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

So, if your website isn’t responsive and properly optimized to fit a mobile or tablet device, you’ll be turning off a lot of potential visitors.

Why should people have to ‘pinch and grab’ their way around your website? Zooming in to try and click on tiny links, or squint to read the text?

Fix it.

4 – Lazy and/or poorly structured content

If your website visitors are instantly greeted with a large wall of text that begins with lazy and generic messaging, you’ll be losing a lot of potential business.

  • For the best results you need to invest in gifted writers who understand consumer psychology and can craft a message that will instantly grab your ideal customer’s attention.
  • Speak to the client! Highlight their pain points and lead them on a journey toward your solutions.
  • Also, structure your content well and make sure your web page is easy to scan and digest.

5 – Poor navigation

Another very common mistake is having poor navigation. Never choose an aesthetic design choice over a practical UX feature. Your website may look pretty but if it is difficult for your visitors to find the various information or products that they are looking for in as few clicks as possible then you are doing it wrong.

Features and usability > aesthetic appeal.

Create the path of least resistance.

Final thoughts

The reality is, these are just a small handful of the many website design flaws that could be turning your visitors off immediately. Our advice would be to hire an SEO specialist in Brisbane who can not only help you perfect your website to reduce drop off and increase conversions, but also drive yet even more traffic to your website as well!