5 Dating Apps You Should NEVER Use

The world doesn’t stand still, and with it, the technology of finding a partner is changing. The account on a traditional dating site is already not relevant. Mobile dating apps are becoming increasingly popular. With their help, you can easily and quickly find your soulmate. There are more and more applications every day, and with the help of some, you can find a person with a radius of the nearest 50 meters with whom you just drink coffee or go to the movies. But some applications will spoil everything. 

Table of Contents

1. Happn

Since 2016, with more than 10 million users, this application has many problems that are common to all dating apps. Many Happn users are accused of bad morale and fake accounts with misleading information. By the way, most people become active in autumn and winter, that is, in the cuffing season (see the cuffing season definition), so be very careful. Although the joining process is very simple, it is very important to be very careful before disclosing your personal information in this dating application. New users have an increased chance of success among the opposite. In the first week, profile activity is very high. But the growth of new users is very slow.

2. Zoosk

Users complain that Zoosk is a complex application. Many technical issues have arisen over the years, as well as fake accounts. The company, however, fired part of its staff, so it is likely that you can still get the perfect match through the app. Developers expect that people will be more accurate and careful about the description of the profile, unlike on Tinder. But the lack of users reduces the effectiveness of the application to nothing. So, you just have no one to date there.

3. WannaMeet

There are very few adequate users. But the main minus is not even that. Initially positioned as a free app, a paid subscription is automatically turned on after a week. The problem is that in the application settings, this subscription can’t be canceled. Those who don’t understand the issue are hooked. It also doesn’t allow you to control the visibility of the profile and sends useless notifications. It is an insecure, not regularly updated, incorrect and unstable app. And its main disadvantages are the lack of photo verification and the lack of control over the visibility of the profile.

4. Mamba

Millions of people around the world have already registered on the site and installed the app. Unfortunately, not all users have any concept of culture. Therefore, its main drawback is the abuse of profanity and vulgar offers. Also, there is a daily limit of “likes” in the application – wait for the next day or pay. If you don’t add a photo, your profile will not appear in the search stream. Moreover, the picture is still waiting for verification by the moderator, and this will take some time. Also, there are constant offers for buying VIP status. At the same time, the application seems very overloaded with functions.

5. MyLove

You can enter the app by registering on the site or through Facebook. Data and photos from the social network are also automatically used to fill out your profile. With the usual, free version of the account, the dating process is very sluggish, and the candidates for your heart are not the best. Basically, migrants, people from third countries, and 74-year-old men are active here. To increase your popularity and be able to write messages to new users, you need to pay for VIP status. However, for all the convenience of the function, this is unsafe. It is also worth considering that the application transfers personal data in unencrypted form.