3 Best Merger to Handle Your PDF Files

compressing your PDF files

Simultaneously managing many PDF files is difficult, especially if you don’t know what software to utilize. Rather than making your life hard and confusing yourself, there is multiple software to help you merge different PDF files into one PDF. If you want to know what those tools are, you are in the right place. With that, here’s a list of the best merger to handle your PDF files.

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Among the best tools that people always use to manage their PDF files is PDF Bear. You can access this platform for free, and anyone can effortlessly merge PDF files. Besides the merger, users can also use PDF Bear to unlock, protect, rotate, split, repair, compress, and convert their PDF files in under a minute. The cloud system feature of PDF Bear is also an edge because all the transaction is done in its cloud, and it won’t take even a little of the computer’s HDD capacity.

PDF Bear is also secure and solid to use because all of the uploaded and downloaded files are automatically erased after 60 minutes. It’s also why people recommend PDF Bear because their files will stay confidential and restricted.

Soda PDF

You can use Soda PDF to edit and create PDF files. Soda PDF has a sleek and modern interface, and anyone can use this software for free. With this platform, anyone can customize their PDF files easily. Soda PDF features the OCR, editing, creating, converting, inserting, reviewing, forms, securing and signing, and viewing any PDF files. Users can either use its online PDF tool or download Soda PDF to start combining their PDF files.

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It’s also accessible, and anyone can use it at their home or office. The advantage of using Soda PDF is that you can easily edit your PDFs, affordable price, fast and reliable merging tool, and you can use the online and software versions. But it’s not capable of video embedding, and many users experience that it often crashes.


Smallpdf is a handy PDF software, and it is capable of removing passwords from a PDF, converting JPG to a PDF, and converting PDF files to a Word file format, and vice versa. As you already know, Smallpdf can merge or combine PDF files to create a new PDF. This software also offers a complete tool for editing that is sometimes combined in one process only. Smallpdf allows you to delete or rearrange PDF pages while you are merging your PDf files.

It is also important to remember that all the uploaded data, including those edited PDFs generated by this software, are permanently removed after one hour. That is the reason why you have to save all your edited files immediately.


If you always handle your PDF files, it is sometimes hard for you to handle multiple PDFs simultaneously. But with the tools on the list, it’s easier to merge different PDF files into a PDF. These tools are easy and straightforward to use, and you can merge your PDFs without putting so much effort.

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